The Easiest Way to Get Phone Numbers on Facebook

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If you're doing network marketing on Facebook, there's an almost 100% chance that you don't have everyone's phone number that you are connected with on your Facebook page.

The easiest way to get phone numbers on Facebook is to put the Law or Reciprocation on your side.  This universal law essentially says that what you do for someone, the feel a strong obligation to return the favor.

So…instead of simply messaging someone on Facebook and blindly asking, “Hey…what's your phone number?”,  try this instead.

Engage that person in a Facebook Messenger chat.  Then…at some point in the conversation, simply say, “Hey John.  I want to make sure you have my personal contact information.  My cell phone number is 555-1212, and my email is  What's yours?”

Because you personally volunteered your contact information to the person you are speaking with, the will feel a strong obligation to return the favor and provide you with their contact information.  Voila!!!

This method has worked very well for me.  In fact…I don't recall a single person that has ever refused to provide me with their personal contact information when I've utilized this very simple method.

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