The 20 Customer Strategy with Jordan Adler

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I'm here in the Dominican Republic this week with my good friend Jordan Adler for a little retreat and mastermind session…so, I thought I'd put him on video for you guys.  He's utilized a pretty simple and powerful customer acquisition strategy in his business for many years.

In this video, we talk a bit about his '20 Customer Strategy' and how important it is to focus on customer acquisition in your network marketing company if you're looking to create REAL residual income.

Quick question for you:  How many personal customers do you have right now?

In other words…what is your personal customer acquisition strategy?  Do you even have one?

This business is all about getting your product or services to end-users…people who are not part of the compensation plan.  I'd consider re-thinking what you are doing if you're not specifically focusing on teaching your reps how to acquire real customers.

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