The Easy Way to Get Better on Social Media

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Easy Way to Get Better on Social Media
  • The ONE THING You Must First Do For Social Media Success
  • Here’s Your Social Media Quick Start Plan

The Easy Way to Get Better on Social Media

Sometimes it seems like everyone is blowing up on social media. When they host a FB LIVE, it’s full of engaging people, asking questions, and high energy. When you look at their posts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, they’re constantly popping with likes, emojis, and a ton of comments. How are they able to do this? Good question! And in today’s training, you’re going to learn how to take your social media game up a notch. I’m going to show you one of the easiest ways to get good on social media without spending a dime. So forget buying some course on social media, spending weeks or months trying to figure this stuff out. This training only takes 14 minutes, it’s free, and you can start getting results within a few hours. Sound good? Ok, let’s begin…

The ONE THING You Must First Do For Social Media Success

Here’s how to get good on social media and start having success with it. The one thing you must first do is observe. It starts with observation. Observing what others are doing that’s getting the results you’d like to get. Here are a few things to start noticing: What types of things are they doing to get their audience’s attention? How are they creating engagement? What’s in their posts that triggering all the responses? If they’re doing a FB LIVE, what’s the subject line, theme, or topic of the live? Now, you don’t want to copy people. You want to model what they’re doing and then test it with your audience.

Here’s Your Social Media Quick Start Plan

You’ve got your social media free training plan. You’re observing what’s working, getting liked, and engaging. Now, you want to start engineering all of your social media posts, so you’re getting more likes, engagement, and responses .Then start testing! Also, keep in mind that you can delete a post at any time. So, if you’re not getting the response you’d hope for on one of your posts… delete it. Now you know your audience doesn’t respond to that topic, theme, or question. And another thing…Make sure that the friends you have on social media are the ones that are engaging with you. If there’s a 5000 limit, you don’t want 3000 of those people to be non-engagers.

So clean house and keep your “friends list” curated. All of these little things add up over time, so get started today on these. And if you’d like help growing your network marketing business quickly, make sure you’re following my five milestones for network marketing success.

This episode, #127, it’s about “The Easy Way to Get Better on Social Media.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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