Customer Service vs Customer Experience

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Customer Service vs. Customer Experience
  • What Customer Service Is And How To Use It
  • Creating A WOW Customer Experience

Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

This business is built on customers. Without customers, there’s no business. This is why it critical to make sure you have a plan for taking care of your customers. And I’m not simply talking about letting your company’s customer service department handle it. I’m talking about you doing a few simple things that keep customers with you longer. In today’s training lesson, I will share the difference between customer service vs. customer experience. The two are not the same. Both are needed, and you’ll see precisely how to use them. OK, let’s get started, my Fearless Networker!

What Customer Service Is And How To Use It

Customer service is reactionary. It’s Problem-solving. It’s essential to make sure customers have a place they can get questions answered and problems solved. Your company has a customer service department. You’ll want to know how to how to get a hold of them, what hours they’re open. You might even want to get to know who’s in charge of that department, etc. This way, you can build a relationship with that person. It’s great when you need to get something taken care of right away if a problem arises. You’ll also want to train your new customers on how to contact the customer service department.

Introduce them to the people you know. Doing this shows your customer you care. Now, let’s talk about…

Creating A WOW Customer Experience

This is the first thing you want to do with all your new customers. Doing this quickly builds trust and is the base for a solid customer relationship. You can’t control what the company ships them. You can make their experience great by doing a “customer experience” meeting. Make sure you watch my video training above, where I go into more detail on this. Here’s what you do: You set an appointment with them to go over the products once they received them. On the appointment (via zoom, phone call, or in-person), you’re going to walk them through the box of products they received. Then, have them put the products in the location where they’ll start using them. Example: If their product is some type of “shake,” have them put it in their kitchen on the counter. If it’s skincare products, have them walk into the bathroom and put it in there. The entire goal is to ensure they have an outstanding customer experience and consume the products they purchased.

If you'd like to have a system for doing this, and getting rapid results this year in your business.

This episode, #126, it’s about “Customer Service vs. Customer Experience.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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