The Main Reason People Fail in Network Marketing

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Main Reason People Fail in Network Marketing and What You Can Do to NOT be One of Them.
  • It's a Level Playing Field for Us All, But What's Not The Same is This ONE THING.
  • How to Flip The Switch for Network Marketing Success And Start Hitting Your Goals… FAST.

The Main Reason People Fail in Network Marketing

Today I want to share with you the MAIN REASON people fail in network marketing… and it's not what you might be thinking.

Understand, this is coming from close to 30 years in this fantastic industry… so I'm sharing real word experiences with you.

In a minute I'll reveal what this is, but first I want to look at a false belief… that prevents a lot of people from creating MASSIVE SUCCESS in network marketing

What is this false belief? It's the belief that… people at the top make all the money.

Anyone who has done their research into network marketing knows this to be false. I can tell you, first hand that back in the day… I had people in my downline making more money than me.

You know what I call that? FAIR! Here's why I say this…

It's a Level Playing Field for Us All

When we first join a network marketing company, we all start at the same place. We're all working with the same comp-plan, promoting the same products, etc.

So if we all start from the same place, why are some people successful and some are not? Great question!

The difference is the person themselves. In about 30 seconds I'll share the cause of failure with you… so hang tight.

Regardless of the profession… it all comes down to attitude. Your attitude comes from your mindset. You decide if you become successful or not.

There's a great book called… EXTREME OWNERSHIP. This all about taking personal responsibility for your life. Once you do this, success starts coming your way.

Now, that we're both on the same page with what it takes to succeed in network marketing (and in life). Let's look at…

How To Flip The Switch for Network Marketing Success

Ok, the MAIN REASON why people fail in network marketing is because they're NOT doing the work.

This is what I've seen over the past 30 years. People lying to themselves…. thinking they're working… but they're only creating movement.

Being busy, does not equal success. The key here is to make sure your “busyness” is producing results for you.

Now, why does this happen? People have great intentions when they start network marketing… but they never get going.

This happens because of low-self-esteem in the person. Some people do not feel confident with themselves. A lot of people try to mask or hide this part by talking a good game.

In the end… we all get revealed for our true-self. If this is you, please know there's HOPE… you can fix this. In this training I get into all the details on this topic.

Key point… if you're feeling afraid of doing something… like prospecting for example. The first thing you want to do is start learning how to become a master prospector.

Then start taking ACTION on prospecting right away. Get comfortable with being un-comfortable… push through this feeling and you'll start to see amazing things happen for you!

In this episode #43, It's all about… “The Main Reason People Fail in Network Marketing”. Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

Stay fearless,

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