The Missing Ingredient in your Sales Presentation

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No sales presentation is complete without a strong and clear ‘call to action' or next ‘next step' in the process.

There's no sense in giving a full on business presentation, sales presentation or business opportunity presentation if at the tail end of it…you're leaving them with nothing but a “thank you for stopping by” hum-drum finish.

Your prospect is actually expecting that there will be a next logical step!!  Make sure you deliver it!

Every sales presentation or business opportunity presentation MUST end with some type of call to action or next step.  Don't just wrap up a presentation and say, “Thanks for coming.  Good night.”   It's almost as bad as watching an entire movie only to find that the end left you with nothing.

Take a LOOK at your past 10 presentations and ask yourself the following question…
Was there a strong, concrete, concise and specific call to action at the tail end?

If not…it's time to review what you're doing and make sure you add this extremely important component into whatever presentation it is you're doing.

A Common Problem:   No Call to Action

Unfortunately, this mistake is made far too often.  People do all the work in inviting someone to attend a meeting, webinar or some other type of presentation, dazzle them with a great overview and rundown of their company and get to the end…forgetting all about the entire REASON why they invited them in the first place!!!

You invited them to take a look at your presentation with the end goal of getting them to join you in business…or at the very least, become a customer.  You're not doing a sales presentation with the sole purpose of informing and educating…although you might be doing that as well.

Just remember this.  Every good sales presentation ends with a clear call to action.

In my opinion, giving people multiple options at the end of a presentation is generally a big mistake.  It causes confusion…and with confusion comes a diminished ability to make a decision.

If you're using some type of recorded presentation to do the work for you like an online video or recorded webinar, that should be PART of the recording.  I would NEVER want to send someone to any presentation unless their was a “call to action” or next step for the prospect.

If you're doing live presentations, make sure you include a good call to action.  It doesn't have to be hard…and it certainly should be manipulating.  It's PART of the PROCESS.  Don't miss it.

Make sure to download the Prospecting Power Questions ‘Cheat Sheet' you see on this page!  It will help you become a lot more confident and effective when it comes to your prospecting game.

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