The Myth and Problems with Spillover

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Myth and Problems with Spillover.
  • One of the Biggest Secrets to Building Your Network Marketing Business.
  • Becoming a Leader and Creating a Winning Team Using This System.

The Myth and Problems with Spillover

Let's get right into it...

In today's training we'll look at the myth and problems with spillover.

Now, what is spillover?

Spillover happens when your upline places someone in your downline.

This is very common in binary plans...

This is where you only have two main legs.

The problem comes in when you're using hype to bring in new people.

The thing is...

Binary plans are great when you understand how to truly build them.

When you're "selling" people into your business with the promise of spillover...

It can actually cripple your business.

I'll explain how this happens in this training.

So, if you're using the term "spillover" when building your business...

This training is a MUST for you watch.

Let's get into it now...

One of the Biggest Secrets to Building Your Network Marketing Business

This is...

YOU have to personally build your business...

No matter what your upline promises.

No shiny objects here.

Simply the fundamentals!

Here's what happens...

When you're promising to help people build their business by giving them spillover...

This sets an expectation that you're doing most of the work.

This type of mindset creates a team of co-dependent people.

Co-dependent people don't build large businesses.

Leaders build large businesses.

This is WHY you want to attract the right people from the start.

Because at the end of the day...

Even if you do build out one leg for them.

They still have to build their other leg...

And, they still have to personally sponsor their own people into the business.

This is all about you...

Becoming a Leader and Creating a Winning Team Using This System

Like I said...

This all starts with you attracting the right type of people into the business.

This means NOT promising "spillover" to people at the start.

Sure, you'll put people under them...

But this is something you tell them, when they're already building.

This is start of leadership.

If you'd like help with this...

And you're ready to become a TOP leader in your network marketing business...

Then you'll want to read this letter... click here to start your leadership path.

Imagine having a team of TOP people who love producing.

A team where everyone is growing and heading towards their dreams.

This all starts with leadership and I can help you get there...

Starting today!

Click here to learn more about Leadership Evolution.

In this episode #63, It's about... "The Myth and Problems with Spillover".

Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

Stay fearless,

Todd Falcone
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