The ONE THING that Will Kill your Network Marketing Organization

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You want your network marketing organization to be on fire, pumped, charging hard…and excited to grow.  You do NOT want them to be on pause…or worse, running for the hills!

While there are a number of things that contribute to both the growth and the demise of any network marketing organization, this is ONE THING that for sure will kill your network marketing organization…and it is 100% in your control.

You can't control what your company does, what corporate decides to do or say…but you do control you, and only you.  So…if that's the case, then here's my advice.

Here it is.  And…it's really easy.  The way you keep your network marketing organization moving forward…and not KILL it with one stupid move is this:  DON'T POUR POISON DOWNSTREAM.  EVER.

Don't ever take bad news to your team.  
Don't ever talk badly to a downline member about someone else. 
Don't complain to your team EVER, about anything. 
Don't bitch about your sponsor to your team. 
Don't talk about how mad you are because you were on hold at customer service. 
Don't complain to your team about the change the company just made. 

This is Network Marketing 101.  If you have a problem, a complaint, a challenge, or just need to bitch or vent…take it upline.  Don't ever take your challenges or frustrations to your team.  Not ever.  I've seen it crush a network marketing organization almost overnight.

You never pour poison into ANYONE who is in your group…even if it's your best pal that you've known since 6th grade.  You can't take it back.

I've seen this happen FIRSTHAND more times than I can count.  Every SINGLE time I've watched this occur, the group stalled.  I personally watched one network marketing organization that was a huge payline for me…completely disappear.  It went from doing $100,000 a month and climbing rapidly, to almost nothing in a matter of months.  And…it could have EASILY been prevented.

Just don't do it.  Take your problems and complaints UP.  Never down.

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