The Reason You’re Afraid To Call People

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Reason You're Afraid To Call People
  • Getting To The Root Of Your Phone Fear
  • The Secret To Winning BIG In This Business

The Reason You're Afraid To Call People

If the thought of picking up the phone scares you, this training is for you. Here’s the deal…I talk with many people about wanting to succeed in network marketing, yet they’re afraid to pick up the phone and speak to someone. This fear has killed more network marketing careers than anything else I’ve seen. And in today’s training, I’m going to help you eradicate this fear. See, there’s one main reason people are afraid to pick up the phone, and you’ll see what this is in just a moment. Just know, you can overcome this fear! You’ll see precisely how to do it when you watch this video. Ok, let’s get started…

Getting To The Root Of Your Phone Fear

The reason why you’re afraid to pick up the phone is that you’re too concerned with what the other person thinks about you. You’ve put them on some kind of pedestal in your mind, and you’re worried about being judged. It all comes down to a fear of being judged or perceived a certain way. When I started in this business at the young age of 22, I was caught up in my head. I was completely unsure of myself because I didn’t think people wanted to hear from me. This was a fear I was creating in my mind… it wasn’t real! Question…How can you get good at something you’re not used to doing? You can’t! So, the KEY is to start taking action and making the calls, moving through the fear you’ve created in your mind. Remember, it’s NOT REAL. The good news is each time you pick up the phone, you get better. Next, let’s look at…

The Secret To Winning BIG In This Business

Let me share with you the secret of winning big in this business. If you’re going to win in business, you need to be able to communicate with people. This means the ability to engage them in conversations. Look, the fact is people are already judging you, so you might as well call them anyway. Trust me, and you’ll feel amazing after making your calls. Will it be scary… YES! Do you have the courage to do it… YES! Make sure you watch my video above to get all the details of this training. Because I talk about my “linking” strategy, which will help you move through your fear. Now, if you’d like help moving through your fear, then I’d highly recommend registering for my upcoming A-TEAM training. We’re running a special early bird offer which will give you a massive discount when you register right away. Click here to get all the details on my upcoming A-TEAM training. This episode, #156, it’s about “The Reason You're Afraid To Call People.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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