The Secret to Repeat Business

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The Secret to Repeat Business?   Well…guess what??  It isn't a secret.  Although…based on what I see in the market, you'd think it was some hidden gem of a technique only to be revealed to a select few.

In other words, FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE DON'T DO THE SIMPLE THING THAT WILL YIELD THEM REPEAT BUSINESS!!  They get a deal once…then never, ever again.

Sales professionals and network marketers spend all sorts of time working super hard on getting the business, but what about doing things to get REPEAT business?

It's hard enough as it is drumming up new business.  You work your butt off to get a customer, right?

You spend time sorting and sifting, prospecting and presenting…to gather a customer, for what?
Only to lose them in your second month?  That's ridiculous!!

The Secret to Repeat Business isn't a secret at all…although many people must think it's hidden deep in the caverns of basic sales training 101.  It's not hidden.  It's stupid simple.

It's called FOLLOW THROUGH.  Not follow up…but follow through.

We teach people to follow up with their prospects after they've looked at information.  Then…you address objections and ultimately “close” the person onto your products or services.

What you do AFTER the sale matters more than anything else.
Your post-sale follow through will determine whether or not your new customer will EVER do business with you again, and will be a significant factor in whether or not they'll ever talk about you with others and send you referrals. 

Think about it.  You just got them as a customer.  Don't you want to keep them????  Wouldn't you wan them raving all over town about how cool you are, how great you are…how amazing and fun it was to do business with you??

Of course you would!!!!

A LOT of sales people flat suck at follow through.

Every single car I've ever purchased…not ONE sales person has ever gotten back to me post-sale.  Not a single one!
My realtor who just made over 30k from me on a recent transaction…never heard from her.
The guy who did my loan…can't even remember his name.
My handy man…never even checks in with me.  I think he's in jail actually.  No joke.

Will I ever do business with any of them again?  Not a chance.  Not even a slim one.  Zero.  None.
Why?  Because they NEVER, EVER followed up with me after they got my money…not once.

When you do business with someone on a one-to-one basis, you MUST get back to people after the transaction has occurred…and continue to stay in contact with them over time.

Making an online sale is a bit different.  Someone goes to your site and buys something…the expectation from the customer isn't there at the level it is when you engage with someone personally, as we do in network marketing and traditional selling.

Bottom line.  If you want more business to come from your existing customer base, step up your follow through.

It's that simple.

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