The Smarter Way to Recruit in Facebook Groups

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I know.  You wanna recruit another network marketer.  Why?  Cuz they have experience.

I get it.  I know the thinking.  Lots of people think that way.  It's “easier”, right?  I mean…if you can just go out and recruit other network marketers all day long, they'll bring their entire team over and you'll be rich!

Nope.  Don't work that way.  I DO understand the thinking though.

So…what do a lot of network marketers do?  They go to Facebook Groups on the subject of network marketing, entrepreneurship or Direct Selling with the THOUGHT that, “Hmmm…this place is a gold mine for the taking!” 

Most of them spend countless hours posting to thousands of people who aren't listening.

There are very few Facebook Groups on the subject of network marketing that aren't completely laden with spam.  Ad, link, post, ad, ad, pitch, ad, ad, pitch, link…no likes, no comments and no shares.

The audience is NOT there.

The Smarter Way to Recruit in Facebook Groups

 #1:  Join a Group on a Subject you are Passionate About!

Wanna rule your roost?  Join a Facebook Group that is on a subject you love to talk about but has NOTHING to do with network marketing.  You'll have an audience that is wide open, not pitched every waking moment and that you have a direct connection to because you have like interests!

The SECOND you get in the group do this.  Look at the most recent posts.  How often are people posting in this group?  If you aren't seeing at least several posts a day from different people, leave the group.  How is the engagement in the group?  If you see posts with lots of Likes, Comments and Shares…than that is a VERY good sign that it's an active group and one worth staying in.

#2:  Post and Interact Regularly By Giving Value and Contributing.  

It's not what you can get…it's what you GIVE that creates the environment for receiving.  So many people don't understand this.  The more you GIVE, the more you get.  The more you take…the less you're going to get.  It's how it works.  Be a GIVER.  And…when you join a Group that is a subject you love, it's easy to contribute.

#3:  Forget the MLM/Network Marketing Groups for Recruiting!  Use them for Learning Only.

There are very few Groups I have ever seen on the subject of network marketing that aren't laden with spam. Recruiting out of these groups is a waste of time…and the ones that are run tightly, Groups like “Fearless Networkers” and “The Game of Networking”…they're run so tight that you can't even post an ad or link if you wanted to.  Try it…you get banned instantly.

These two Groups are 100% Content ONLY.  They're a great place to learn and get ideas…but NOT a place to recruit or even attempt to do so.  You WILL get banned.

Facebook Group:  Fearless Networkers
Facebook Group:  The Game of Networking

#4:  Start your Own Group on a Subject you Love!

One other way to do this is by starting your own group on a subject you love talking about.  You get to create your own audience and dictate the direction of the group.  While your long-term and overall objective may be ot recruit people into your network marketing business by creating this group…it's really not what the group is about.  It's about content, value and conversation on the specific subject matter of the group.   Remember that and stick to it.

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