How to Stay on Track: 4 Tough Questions to Ask yourself

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Success comes more easily to those who are willing to ASK THEMSELVES some tough questions, be honest with those answers…and most importantly, make changes based on what answers we've given ourselves.

We spend an awful lot of time talking about how to ASK questions to others when it comes to relationship building and selling, but not nearly enough time discussing the “inner conversation” we need to have in order to ensure we stay on the right track.

Self-employment requires us to look in the mirror and be accountable to ourselves and our individual actions.

“If it is to be, it is up to me” is absolutely true and one that should cause us reflect, look inward and be honest about what we're doing or not doing.

I've done a lot of reflecting over the years as an entrepreneur and have invested AMPLE time asking myself lots of questions to make sure I stay moving in the right direction.

How to Stay on Track:  Ask yourself These Four Tough Questions

#1:  Am I Giving this Everything I've Got?

This is a great question to ask yourself on an ongoing basis.  It forces you to look inward and determine how much more you've got within you to give to whatever it is you're doing.  How much more can you give?

Each of us within us has an energy reserve that can be tapped into whenever we feel like it.  Look at your business, your relationships…and ask yourself that question.

Am I giving my business everything I've got?
Am I giving my marriage everything I've got?
Am I giving my children everything I've got?

Finish it with this.  Don't they deserve more?  

Doesn't your business, your team, your spouse, your children…don't the deserve to get the very best of you all the time?

I know…tough question to be asking yourself, but well worth asking and more importantly, acting upon.

#2:  Am I Being the Best “Me” I Can Be?

Is this the best ME I can be?  Can I do better?  Am I putting my best foot forward?  

Again…powerful introspective question that causes us to THINK.  And, when we think…we can act.

Is this really the best you you're capable of being?  If so…good for you!!  If not…how can you change?

#3:  Do Others See Me as Someone that is Reliable and Can Be Counted On?

We spend our lives interacting with others both in and out of business.  Are you perceived by others as someone who can be counted on 100% of the time without fail?

People want to surround themselves with individuals that are reliable and trustworthy.  Do they know you'll deliver or do they wonder?  Only you know that…and it's based on their prior experiences with you.

What you've done in the past will dictate how they feel about you in the future.  Don't worry.  If you haven't been the most reliable person in the past, you CAN change how they feel about you…just know it will take some time and new experiences with you where they see you differently.

#4:  Do I Consistently Go Beyond What Others Expect of Me?

Personally, I think this is one of the greatest questions we can ask ourselves.  If you want to get ahead in life, going beyond what others expect of you should be come your habit.  It's what you do, who you are.

Well…ask yourself!  Do you go beyond what they expect or simply stop right at the finish line?

The key to knowing what others expect of you is having a good idea of what their prior experiences have been with others in the same type of circumstance.

In what ways could I go beyond what they expect of me?

When you make it your life habit to go beyond what others expect of you, both in and out of business, it's impossible for you to not succeed!

Take some time this week.  Ask yourself these questions…and be honest with your answers.

The time to change is NOW!

Enjoy the day!!

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