The Truth About MLM Leads

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MLM Leads:  The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

The conversation about MLM Leads is an interesting one to say the least.  I've spent my entire business career in network marketing and have heard many opinions about MLM Leads.  Opinions are rampant.

Everybody's got one or two!  From person experience, I'll tell you that MLM Leads absolutely DO work.  But, you're battling the people all around you.

“Leads are awesome.”
“Leaders work like a charm!”
“All leads are crap.”
“Buying leads doesn't work.”

Do you see how confusing that could be for a new person…or really, ANY person??  Their sponsor says they're crap.  Their buddy says they are amazing.  How do you figure it out?

Work them yourself…that's how.  Better than sitting on your butt doing nothing.  In fact…you should never, ever…not ever be in a position in your business where you feel you have no one to talk to about what you're doing.

If you have time, you better have people to talk to about your business…something you can do right this moment.  There's nothing worse than having the willingness and the time, but not the resources…or more accurately, the resourcefulness to do something about it.

In my career, I've worked literally tens of thousands of cold market leads.  In fact…for 11 straight years, it's almost all I did to build my business.  So…I will tell you that leads DO work, but they only work when you do things properly.

I've had moments when I think leads absolutely suck…and I never want to call one again. 
And…I've had moments where I am flat having a blast, and finding people left and right who sound amazing and want to join my business.  

You have some good days and you have some bad days.
You get good leads…and you get bad ones.
That's called life in business.

But…if you work leads, they will work for you.  Period.  MLM Leads work, and could play a very vital role in your business.

Here's how I look at it.  Anyone I talk to…no matter HOW I find them are considered “leads”.  It's a potential customer.  It's a potential business partner.  That's it.

People I meet a mixers are leads.  The person next to me on the plane is a lead.  A referral is a lead. Anything, anyone, anywhere could be considered a potential lead for your business.

Let's get all technical and stuff for a minute.  Here's an actual definition of what a lead is.

A sales lead is a prospective consumer of a product or service that is created when an individual or business shows interest and provides his or her contact information. Businesses gain access to sales leads through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings and other marketing efforts.

Let's move on…shall we?

I just got back from one of my Recruiting Retreats, where I literally lock people in a house for three days and build their businesses with them.  One of the things we talked about was working leads…and in fact, we spent a fair bit of time actually having the people in the house dial leads.  Most of them had never called leads before…so it was a test for them, a stretch outside of their comfort zone, and a great way to learn.

I pushed Sandra a tad outside of her comfort zone and she ended up actually recruiting someone into her business on the spot.  Here's what she had to say about it…

A moment ago, just up the page a bit, I said that MLM leads work…but only if you work them PROPERLY.

Here's what I mean to clarify that for you.

Your expectations are critical.  I you think you're going to buy a batch of MLM Leads and sponsor a huge percentage of them, you're wrong.  I thought I'd recruit everyone on my first leads list I bought back in 1994.  I was dead wrong!  Proper expectations are in order.  You have to play the numbers…

It's a numbers game.  Don't expect to get results working leads unless you are ready to work through plenty of them.  That means buying a list and working through 100 leads and then deciding whether or not they were any good isn't a big enough sample size to make your final determination.  Results with MLM Leads requires not only patience with your expectations, but also coming to the full realization that QUANTITY is what is going to bring you the result you are looking for in your recruiting efforts.  Don't even commit unless you're willing to commit.

The 20 a Day MLM Leads Challenge

If you called 20 leads a day, 5 days a week for a year…that would be a good, broad sample size.  I'd say that would be enough to prove my point.

I'd bet you money right this second you'd sponsor people doing that.  And…I'd win that bet, and so would you.  I'd prove my point that MLM leads work, and you'd win because you would have just recruited no less than 100 people into your business…even if you were a horrific communicator.

Think about something for a moment.  That's 5200 exposures in one year.  How would it be even possible to not sponsor a whole bunch of people if you committed to that??!!

There's no one…even the most socially inept person, if they committed to those numbers wouldn't get at least some result.  That's less than an hour of work a day to prove my point once and for all.

I'd be willing to bet that anyone willing to make that commitment, and actually DO what I said above…call 5200 MLM leads in year, that they'd easily end up sponsoring 100 people into their business.

The challenge is simply committing to the hour a day, every single day, for 5 days a week, 52 weeks in a year.  Do you have that kind of discipline??  Again…it's only an hour a day.

That is it.  PROPERLY working leads isn't some technically hard thing to understand.

How to Get Results with MLM Leads in Three Easy Steps

#1:  Buy some leads.
#2:  Work them.
#3:  Stay consistent in your recruiting efforts with leads.

I'm kind of being a smart ass there a little bit…but it's kind of simple.  You buy leads, work them and stay at it.  You'll get results doing that.  It's impossible not to, simply because you are working the numbers and allowing the math to do the work.

Is it the easiest?  Nope.  It's always a tad easier talking to people who know you.
Is it the first step I would take with a new rep?  Absolutely not.  I'd always go warm market first.
The most efficient?  Nope…not unless you used something like Fearless Burner.

My point in doing this video and blog post is to say that anything that you do where you are reaching out to people and exposing your products and/or business will work.  And…the most important point I really wanted to make is this.  Down time is bad time.  If you have the time, you should be doing something that is revenue producing and productive.

So…if you are without prospects one day…it may not be a bad idea to fill in the gaps of your time adding leads to your overall routine.

Let me paint a fantasy picture for you about MLM Leads for a second that might excite you…

You have your day.  During your day you have little gaps.  Each day you fill in some gaps with a few calls here and there.  You make the decision to not go to bed every day until you did 20 reach outs picking up the phone and calling a lead.  The rest of the time you're doing warm market, Facebook, other meetings…whatever it is you do every day in your business.  You take the 20 a Day challenge and at the end of the year, look at your result.  All you did was fill in the gaps of your time with leads…calling 5200 people or so during the next year.  How many people could you recruit…in a addition to what you do during your main prospecting time.  How many new customers would you have??  The numbers would create the result.

Just do yourself a favor.  Don't sit idle.

Work leads if you want.  Don't do it if you don't want to.  But…don't sit.

MLM Lead Store is a good spot to grab some leads.
I'm not sure how long they will keep this Coupon Code up…but you can use it while it's valid and they'll give you 25% more leads with your order:  Fearless25

I also use Leads Unlimited.  Both of them have been in business for YEARS…and are the most reliable source for MLM Leads I have found.

You can't get good at anything you don't personally do.  Stop taking someone else's opinions and label them as fact…even mine!

How would you know if leads work or don't work unless you actually work them yourself and do so with a large enough sample size?

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