Things that STILL Don’t Work on Facebook

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A few years ago, by old pal Buzzy Boxer did a post on “silly and downright stupid things” that simply do not work when it comes to attracting people on Facebook.  Buzzy Boxer is a character I made up a long time ago making fun of the myriad of things people do in network marketing that make both themselves and the profession as a whole look bad.

In fact, if you haven't seen the “Buzzy Boxer Original” and want a good laugh…you can watch his Business Opportunity Spoof Video right here for fun…


Things that Don't work on Facebook:  REPLAY

It's five years since that original post, and it is STILL happening!!  Remember this…you're always wanting to do things that ATTRACT people to you, not the opposite.  There's a delicate balance when it comes to ATTRACTING people your way.

If you're too plain, you're not interesting and considered vanilla or flavorless.
If you're way, way out there, you're too much for some people and that in itself can be alienating.

The idea of the way you're perceived in the marketplace (how people see you) is a conversation for another time, but simply be sure to remember what DOES work and what DOES NOT work on Social Media by spending five minutes and watching this video.  Tell me.  Do you think people are still doing this today on Facebook?

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