What to Do During a Follow up Call or Meeting

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What to Do During a Follow up Call or Meeting:  Four Simple Steps

The actions to take during a follow up call or meeting should be to further the process.  Everything you are doing is to get them to the next step.  Get them further along in the process so they can make the right decision for them.

And…by the way, it HAS to be their decision.  This isn't about you following up and making someone do something. We can't make people do anything.  Sure…you could “close someone” by being forceful, but that doesn't pay off for people who want long term relationships and business that continues.  Repeat business is good!

The Things that Should Be Happening During your Follow up Calls or Meetings

So, what actually happens during a follow up call or meeting?
Or, what is it that should be happening in order for your to max out your result?

You've got to be on purpose with what you do, not just going through the motions.  I realize in the video above that I keep it bare bones simple.  I want to expand a bit on what should be going on during a follow up call or meeting…

#1:  Answering Questions.

One of things I want to do is answer any questions that may have come up since our last meeting.  In a lot of cases, you're getting back to someone because you directed them to look at more information.  Maybe they needed more information on your comp plan, your products or company as a whole and you directed them somewhere.  Bottom line…get their questions answered.

#2:  Take their Temperature.  

I always want to get a feel for how my prospect see's themselves in the process.  Where's their interest?  Are they hot or cold?  Pretty simple to do.  Ask them!  I've addressed some questions…there's nothing wrong with saying, “John…how do you feel about what you've seen so far?  Any more questions I can address for you?”

#3:  Socially Validate it.  

This is an ideal time for you to bring someone in for a little third party validation.  Social validation is KING.  Stories from others that they feel are “similar to them” is exceptionally powerful.  Any time you can bring social validation into the picture, you're creating an environment for new business to happen.

#4:  Lead them to the Next Step. 

After you've addressed questions, taken their temperature and socially validated it…find out what else they need to make a decision or simply take them to the decision process.

Honestly, it can be as simple as “John…let me show you the different options you have in getting started with us as a customer or distributor…”

I love how SIMPLE this stuff is, don't you?  It doesn't have to be technically challenging or super steep on the learning curve for you to excel at this.

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