Three Things you Can Do to Meet More Prospects

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It goes without saying…although I will say it, that as a network marketing distributor, one of our primary actions should be in doing things where we meet more prospects.

So…I did my Annual Success Survey and got LOADED UP with requests from all of you!  This is super fun responding to your specific requests for information on achieving success in network marketing.

Mom and Dad always told us, “Don't talk to strangers!”  Then…we get into this network marketing thing and people say, “YES!  Go talk to strangers!”  That could confuse even the least confusable person in the world.

So…having said that, here's the deal.  Network Marketing is a people game.  It's all about meeting people and engaging with them.  Your LIFE in network marketing is people.  People is all we do.

Some people struggle with WHAT to say when meeting a stranger.  The truth is that it's less of what you say, and more about putting yourself in a position to actually engage someone in a conversation.  Being approachable is numero uno.  That's Number One for those of you who don't speak Spanish.

Here's a response to one of the requests I had on meeting people in the ‘cold' market.

These are the Three Most Important Things you Can Do to Meet New People:

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