MLM Scams: Why People Run

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MLM Scams:  Why People Run

MLM ScamsIt’s pretty easy to see why anyone runs from a scam.  No one in their right mind wants to be involved in something considered to be a scam.  Are there MLM Scams?  Sure there are.

Is MLM itself a scam?  Nope.  But…I can also see why people would run from this profession, even IF the company was legitimate due to distributor actions.

I just had a great chat with an old friend I used to sell media with years ago.  We had a super time catching up, as she is pursuing something new and exciting in her career.  Of course…she knows me, and what I do in the network marketing space.  So, we had a good talk about business, direct selling, entrepreneurship and simply being productive in life.

Near the end of the conversation she said something to me about some of the people she has run into in our wonderful profession, and…well, you just need to watch the video to hear the whole story.

Anything you can think to do differently to get people to respond favorably to your message?
Name one thing you can do TODAY that will leave a positive impression on the people you meet…

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