Three Things you Should Never Do in Network Marketing

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In my opinion, there are some things you should never do in network marketing…ever.  And…in this FIRST post of 2017, I talk about them.

I've been vacant for a couple weeks with posting, and I just got done moving…so this is my first post of 2017!  Great to be back in the saddle again!  Today's message is inspired by a conversation I had this morning with a coaching client, as well as my personal experience in having made these mistakes.

Clearly, there are things that are MUST DO's and there are things that are NEVER DO's.  I don't have the time in this post to list out ALL the things you should be doing and all the things you should never do in network marketing…but I think you'll find this useful.

Three Things you Should NEVER Do in Network Marketing when it comes to empowering your team members are as follows:

#1:  Don't EVER Pay Someone's Way in.  

I realize that it might seem like a good idea at the time.  They say they'll pay you back, or that they'll have the money next week…but DON'T do it.  Don't allow yourself to get sucked into that idea.  Every single time I've paid someone's way into a business…it has back-fired.  You're looking for someone who is creative or resourceful enough to “figure it out”.

In fact, think about this for a moment, and you'll find this to be true 100% of the time:
When someone wants something bad enough, they always seem to make it happen.  

This is almost a bit of a test here.   It's an opportunity for you to see how serious they are about engaging in your business and what they're capable of before they even start!  Sure…they may not have the money today in their hands, but are they creative enough to figure out how to make it happen?  If they want it bad enough…they'll do it.  And…a person who today doesn't have the $500 to start in your business and goes out to sell a few things or do whatever they have to do to find the money…is someone you likely DO want in your business.

Don't give hand outs.  All you do is enable people, stifle them and make them dependent.  You want independent people who are willing to MAKE things happen, not wait for things to be given to them.   You're not so desperate that you need to pay someone's way onto your team.  Don't do it, even when you're tempted.

#2:  Don't Build it for Them.    

I can't say this enough either.  Don't build it FOR someone just because you're so good at recruiting and maybe they aren't.  In fact…whatever your reason is, I'd suggest don't place people.  I'm sure some people will disagree.  Fine.  Disagree with me.  It's a free place.  Here's why I say this…and it's simple.

Why would I ever feel the need to step up and work hard if you're going to simply give me people.  It puts me on my ass.  I'll sit on the couch and wait for you to do more for me because you've already proven that you're going to put people on my team.

I'm NOT at ALL  in favor of stacking legs and volume.  And…my reasons are many, and from many experiences, none of which ever worked out well for me or anyone else.

I'm not saying that I would NEVER give away sponsorship to someone, but the person I'd be placing that individual under would have had to already prove themselves SIGNIFICANTLY in terms of their commitment, their ability, and their longevity within the organization before I'd give away anyone.

You know the phrase.  Feed a man a fish and feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for life.  

When you place people, you are enabling and creating crap expectations.  Once you give me someone, I'll expect that you'll give me another.  I have less motivation to figure it out and work it.  You'll build me a check.  I don't need to get better.

They need to have “skin in the game” when it comes to the money they put in to start the business…as I referenced in point #1, and they need to have that same “skin” in the game when it comes to showing up and working the program.

One of my other coaching clients is such a mega producer that she ended up basically building people into ranks for her company.  The problem with that is BIG.  Here's the issue and why you don't want to do it FOR them.  Every month at month end, you'll be scrambling around trying to make sure all of your people qualify because they aren't motivated to do it themselves.  It's a literal business building nightmare…and one that will literally wake you up at night if you do it.

Empower, train and help people…but never do it FOR them.

#3:  Don't Invest in Them Until they've Invested in Themselves. 

This is what came up in my session this morning with my client.  He had a girl who “said” she was in and that she'd have the money next week.  So…like I've done in the past (until I learned this lesson), he invested time with her in training and assisting her in getting going in something she wasn't even in yet.  She wasn't in the program.  No money invested.  No distributor ID number.  Not in the program.

Guess what?  She didn't join.  He can't get his time back.  He invested time…excuse me, wasted time in helping someone who “said they'd be in”, but weren't in yet.  How many times have you heard someone SAY they'll do something and never do?

Lip service doesn't mean squat.  Action is all that matters.

Sure…fine.  Send them to a training site and get them to self-educate or get up-to-speed, but never invest time in someone who isn't already in your business.

That's all for now…

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