Understanding the Network Marketing Numbers Game

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Network Marketing IS a numbers game any way you cut it.

It's both a people business and a numbers game.  You need to understand that interesting combination if you're going to survive in this business.

It's not really any different than pretty much every other selling situation out there.  Some people see it and want it, some don't. Some go big, others do nothing.  Some people stay for a season, some for a reason, and others for a lifetime.  Some wanna try, others wanna do it.

It's life.  Pretty straight up.  But…you getting a grip on the numbers, and what they mean to you is critical in you becoming a long-term success story in the network marketing profession.

What you Need to Know About the Network Marketing Numbers Game

#1:  Prospecting Involves a lot of Sorting.  You already know some people do and others don't.  Some show, others never do.  If you know that network marketing required a lot of sorting, then embrace it!  There's no sense in complaining about it or worrying over it once you realize that it's the way it is.  Look.

I'm good at recruiting.  I've been doing it my entire life.  I have been prospecting in business for nearly 30 years, both in and out of network marketing.  As many years as I've been in, with all the skills and experience I have…there are LOTS of people who don't do business with me.

In other words, EVERYONE has to embrace the concept of sorting and emotionally detach themselves from the equation. 

Once you take emotion out of it, you're good.  It's the way it is.  Accept it.  And…instead of fighting it, make it work to your advantage.

#2:  You Need to Get Real with Yourself.  Nobody is going to come to your rescue but you.  Take responsibility for yourself.  You'll never succeed until you do it, so it might be a good idea to start now.  I'll be 50 in a couple weeks.  And, I cannot tell you how much “getting real with yourself” takes place at that milestone.

The ultimate example of maturity is taking full responsibility with where you are in life.  You're where you are for a reason.  If you don't like it, then do something about it.

Hard to swallow sometimes…this whole idea of being accountable for ourselves, but necessary.  I don't like some stuff in my life, but it's my fault, and the only way to change is to FIRST get real with ME, and then take action in a different direction.

#3:  Tracking your Numbers will Improve your Results.  There's something pretty cool when you actually get focused on tracking the activity, getting to know the numbers…the points you're putting up on the board.  Another “getting real with you” moment is taking the time to track what you do…or don't do.  Pretty eye opening when you actually TRACK the REVENUE PRODUCING ACTIVITY you put into your business.  It will boggle your brain to oblivion!  I STILL track my numbers.  Always.

I know how many calls I make and what they're about…I track it, and have for years.

Former NHL player Wayne Gretzky puts it pretty good in this quote,
“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.”

Since I'm always in the mood of being brutally honest with people, I'll say this:

Thousands of people in this business ‘kid' themselves into believing they're actually doing this business, when in all reality…they are doing almost nothing.  Then…they roam around complaining about how “network marketing doesn't work or didn't work for them”.   The truth is…they didn't work for network marketing.  Pure and simple.

DO THIS NOW….Track it.   Track yourself.  And…never stop!

If I could force you to track your business building activity, I would.  I would MAKE YOU do it if I could, but I can't.  The experience is so liberating for your business, and you'll never know until you do it on a regular basis.

My Personal Challenge to You

Spend every single day by “drawing a box” on a piece of paper and writing in the number of new people you talked to that day about your business.  I speak about and teach this exercise I stage I'm on all over the world.

Here's how the Draw a Box Exercise works:

network-marketing-numbersAt the end of your day, pull out a piece of paper or do this in your journal.

Draw a box.  In that box, write in the number of NEW exposures you had that day about your business.

Be real.  Be honest.  This is for you and you alone.   It's an opportunity to get direct feedback on your business building activity.

What's your box say??

Zero.  Not a good number.  You're not even in the game.
One.  One person?  Really?  Don't work so hard!  You might tire yourself out.
Five?  You're getting there…and that's a good sign!

I have a saying I made up about this many years ago.
“Double digits a day keep the commission checks on their way!”

Get in the habit of tracking yourself and logging your contacts.  It's not any extra work.  It's simply a measure of the work you are putting in.  If you take the time to measure, you can see how you're doing.

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