Want a Loyal Network Marketing Team?

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Unlock the Key to a Loyal Network Marketing Team

I'm pretty confident that you want a loyal network marketing team that sticks with you through thick and thin, rather than one that runs and scatters at the first scent of challenge.  Everyone in network marketing wants that.

The questions is..how do you get it?  

What can you specifically control and do that will lead to a more loyal network marketing team, that grows and develops as you do…and has the staying power to see something to the finish line?

There are several strategies that I've found useful over the years that lead to more loyalty, better overall comradery and teamwork, bigger checks…and an overall more cohesive culture.  You want one that sticks like glue.

When a team works together, they grow together and learn to connect more deeply with one another.
When they work apart, without meaningful and significant connection in the trenches, the bond isn't nearly as strong.

Creating a loyal network marketing team that doesn't run at the first sign of trouble should be one of your greatest priorities.

Team Building Nights:  The Pathway to Bigger Production

One of the most useful strategies in creating a more loyal network marketing team is working together.  We hear all the time that “in network marketing “you're in business FOR yourself, just not BY yourself.”

I get the example.  It means we can leverage ourselves through the efforts of other people.  But, we still spend a LOT of time all by ourselves…even IF we do lots of meetings, prospecting calls and presentations.

Much of your time is spent ALONE as an entrepreneur.  It's part of being SELF-employed.  We spend significant time by ourselves.

Here's what you do.

Schedule a Team Building Night.  This could be any night of the week or during the weekends when you set aside specific time to invite portions of your team over to your home and you actually spend time under the same roof working together.

You literally are having some of your team members over to your home and spending three to five hours together working the business, setting appointments, making calls, giving presentations…and doing so where you're within the same building.

This is KEY.  We spend most of our time prospecting ALONE.  This is an opportunity to spend time doing what is THE most important activity in the business under the SAME ROOF.

It leads to FUN, more productivity, the chance to celebrate victories, help people through challenges…and all learn, grow and build at the same time.  This is a Team Building Night (or day) where you have one of the greatest opportunities you will EVER have to more deeply connect with members of your group.

You become bonded during and because of this experience.

Until you have done this…you don't know how powerful it is.  This is one of the most powerful strategies that is extremely easy to employ that directly leads to a more loyal network marketing team.

Do it…it's a blast.  And, you'll have exactly what I'm talking about here.  People who stick like glue.

A team that works and plays together is a team that stays together!

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