What is and What’s in a Squeeze Page?

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It's not about making fresh juice…unless you call leads “fresh juice”. Heck…I guess you could call it making fresh juice, since a Squeeze Page is designed to do just that….generate fresh blood, new leads, more people to talk to about your business. The term “Squeeze” comes directly from the website's intent, to “squeeze” information out of you.

It may sound bad saying it that way…but it is critically important to do if you are looking to track any of your online marketing efforts. The name most people would know this type of website as is a “capture page” or “lead capture page”.

The purpose: to pique your interest, create a high level of curiousity, give out just enough information to make you drool, but never enough to satiate you, and to make you put in your name and email address (in most cases) to request MORE of whatever that site was promising to deliver.

Sites that give out way too much information without a capturing mechanism are simply a waste of one's marketing dollars.

What's in a good Squeeze Page??
(here's just some of what may or may not be included in a Squeeze Page)

– A powerful Headline that GRABS your Attention
– Lots of Sizzle
– Powerful Words that Tantalize you.
– Testimonials and Validation: Proof
– Bullet Points that Tell What you're Going to Get if you Opt-in
– Bonuses
– More Proof
– A Form to Opt-in and Receive More Information
– Graphics to Make it Look Pretty
– Short Video or Audio Clips

Some or ALL of this may appear on a Squeeze Page.

Again…the PURPOSE is to PIQUE interest, make 'em drool and get them to opt-in.

Think about this the next time you decide to implement an Internet Marketing campaign.

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