When You Feel Like Quitting

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From the Desk of Todd Falcone:

What professional hasn’t felt like giving up? What leader hasn’t stumbled? What icon hasn’t been troubled along the way? What sports pro hasn’t had losses?

Think about if for a minute. If you are having a bad day, week, or month, understand that that’s just life. It’s the way it is and always will be.

When your business has got you down, look up and walk tall. When you feel like complaining, give praise instead. When people are quitting, bring someone else in. When volume growth is slow, work harder to make it grow. When people say no, talk to more of them until you get a yes. When products are late, there are typos on your corporate website and customer service has you on hold for more then eleven minutes, don’t trip out and have a tizzy, relax…breath and stay positive.

You have CHOICES. Choose to stay. Choose to stay positive. Choose to make a difference. Choose to do.

You see…successful people do. They never stop doing. They always do, even when they don’t feel like it. Winners never stop, no matter what. They just keep chugging along until.

Yes…peppy as this talk might be, it is very true.

Life is an emotional roller coaster…and so is your network marketing business.

It’s real simple. If you want something bad enough, you will ALWAYS figure out a way to get it…no matter what.

How bad do you want success? How bad do you want freedom?

I’ve had some extremely tough times and challenges in my business career, including losing over $250,000 in annual income that I had already worked to create. There have been many times that I felt like giving up and doing something else, but I didn’t.

You know why?

Simple. Where else can you go where within one to three years you can create 6-figure a year residual, recurring income while sitting at home in your gym shorts?

No boss. No commute. It’s all good!

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