What Network Marketing Business is Todd Falcone in?

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What Network Marketing Business am I in?

Hmmm….apparently, inquiring minds would like to know.  Searching online won't help.  Asking around doesn't seem to be doing anyone any good.  How could it be possible for Todd to keep the network marketing business he is building such a secret from the rest of the world???

Here is your answer…

I get lots of people sending me messages on Facebook asking about what company I am building.  Many of those individuals are wanting to sponsor with me, thinking that having me as their sponsor is  somehow going to be their “solution” to success.

The reality is that everyone needs to look in the MIRROR.  That is where the real solution lies.

Back to the point of this post…

What network marketing business is Todd Falcone in?

I really didn't think I needed to produce this video.  But…because of the constant inquiries from people, as well as the rumors spread around, I am speaking up about what network marketing company I am building.

The video explains it all, but let me simply say this.

If I was building a network marketing business, no one would ever need to ask.  It would be very clear in the marketplace what I was building.  There would be no questions like, “What is it that Todd builds?”  My results, my actions, and my activities would be very clear in the marketplace.

Just watch the video if you want to know.  I hope this clears things up.

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