Two Simple Steps to Removing Prospecting Fear

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Prospecting FearHaving a hard time picking up the phone or engaging people in conversation about your business?

Don't freak out.  Most people have fears associated with the act of prospecting.  The phone turns into a 500 lb. gorilla.

But…you can conquer that prospecting fear!

Here's a couple simple steps to removing prospecting fear and call reluctance…

I decided to do a test today and actually show people how I did a blog post…and did a live Periscope session while posting this for you.

A client of mine who has been struggling with phone fear asked me to do a post about it…so, here it is.

Two Steps to Removing Prospecting Fear.   Well…there's actually three.

If you are struggling with fear related to talking to people about your network marketing business, these two…or perhaps three tips should help.  My friend Ray Higdon talks about this on his blog.

Love to hear your comments, especially if you saw this live on Periscope.

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