What the Girl Scouts Taught Me About Selling

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What the Girl Scouts Taught Me About Selling

girlscoutcookesI knew I should have worn a green shirt for this post!

I don't even really like Thin Mints that much, but they are everywhere!

My wife bought so many Thin Mints this year I didn't know what to do with them.  Stack them up and make a house.  Open up my own store.  Re-sell them.  Give them away.  Nuts.

These Girl Scouts are good.  And…I'd like to share with you exactly ‘What the Girl Scouts Taught Me About Selling' and how you can benefit from what these amazing little sales girls are doing.

You don't even have to like mint, but you'll buy their cookies.
Heck…you don't even EAT cookies and you buy them.
You're Gluten-Free…and they have gluten…you snatch 'em up.
You have 16 boxes in your cabinet…and you buy more.


So much can be learned about selling, up-selling…improving your closing ratios and mastering this craft from these little girls in green.

They are so simple, yet so slick.  It is CRAZY!  Observe them.  Learn from them.  old-girl-scout-illustration

Oh…and when you WATCH THE VIDEO attached to this post, please make sure that IF YOU BOUGHT COOKIES THIS YEAR from one of these darling little Girl Scouts, respond to me BELOW, and tell me:

What made YOU buy cookies this year??

I seriously want you to THINK after reading this and watching my video…what exactly was it that made you buy?

Did you need 20 boxes of Shortbreads?
Were you craving Thin Mints that you couldn't live without them?

Or…was it something entirely different?  Please share.

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