Network Marketing Events: How to Get People There and Why

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Network Marketing Events:  How to Get People There and Why

If you don't know this because you are new to network marketing, events drive business.

Let me put it even more clearly.

Your group will grow bigger, faster, create momentum, and maintain momentum 
when you drive more people to events.

Network Marketing events work.  They're literally almost like magic.  Not really…I don't believe in magic, but you get the point.

They work.
They are massively contributing factors to your overall success.
You are foolish and I'll go as far as this (stupid) if you don't attend them, embrace them and get your teams to them.

Sorry.  It's true.

If you're a network marketer, regardless of whether you are this fancy online, internet promoter person who thinks he/she can hide in a room, punching out code, and expect to build a massive team…you need to embrace the “magic” of events.

Small events.
Weekly team meetings.
Team Building Nights.
Small get togethers.
Big ones.
Super Saturdays.
Hotel Meetings.  Yes.  Hotel meetings.  And…don't call me grandpa or I'll come searching for you

And for God's sake, your national or international conferences.

If you don't like to see people, be with people, or talk to people…then you should get out of network marketing and do something that doesn't involve people.  Harsh post today…but true.

Events are like catalysts in cement.  It firms and hardens the cement from a mud like state, to something that is rock solid, hard and stable.

Events do that for your business.
They cement your people in.  They are anchors.
They involve the deep emotions that move people into action and keep them there.

Yes…in today's internet driven, technologically savvy world, events are still HUGE.

I have the most ridiculously easy, anyone can do it, no brainer, zero effort way of filling events with your team members you have ever heard.  It's seriously…a joke.  Watch the video.  Take this one action and spread it into your team.

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