What to Do When your Prospect Joins Someone Else

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Ever wonder what to do when your prospect joins someone else that you've already talked to about your business?

You've laid the foundation, and were the first person to even let them know about your company…yet they join another person instead.  How do you handle it?

Don't they owe you?
Is your prospect supposed to join the first person who talked to them?
Isn't there some kind of rule that says ‘the first person gets the prospect'?

This question came up on my Monday Night Call this past week, so I though't I'd take the time to address it here since it's very likely to happen to you if it hasn't already.

This is one of those situations where you again have to remain calm, cool and collected.  This isn't a time to panic, get angry or fly off the handle…even though you may feel like it.

When a your prospect joins someone else instead of you, you don't do anything.  Nothing.  You don't call the company and complain.  You don't call the prospect and yell at them.  You don't call the sponsor and demand that they be moved.

Watch my video above and learn how to handle this better in the future…

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