When a Top Network Marketer Leaves your Company

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What do you do when a top network marketer leaves your company??

Is it time to panic?
Do you second guess yourself?
Do you tell the entire team your company is in trouble?
Do you follow them?  Stay put?

When a highly public, influential leader leaves your network marketing company…it's not the end of the world.  It's really not uncommon for a top network marketer to leave a company and go elsewhere…even when your company is flying high.

People make decisions that are based on a lot of different situations.  And…just because some top guy or girl is going elsewhere, it does not mean your company is in trouble.

The best thing to do in this situation is remain calm.  Get the facts…which are often very hard to come by.  Let me help you understand something very clearly here.  THERE IS NO OBJECTIVITY IN NETWORK MARKETING.

Let me repeat myself.  There is NO OBJECTIVITY IN NETWORK MARKETING !!!

In other words, it's hard to get the straight story from a fellow network marketer in most cases…because they have something to gain or lose.  Want an objective opinion?  Don't try to get it inside your company.

Before I go too down that rabbit hole, let me say this.

Stay calm.  Be cool.  Communicate with your team, if necessary.  Don't panic and tell your team the deal is over.  Don't cry or complain to your downline.

Be strong.  Show your vision, your commitment and let them know you're not deviating from the direction you've been heading.  People leave companies all the time.  It won't be the last time a top network marketer leaves your company.

COMMUNICATION is the key element…along with staying calm, cool and collected.

My philosophy is simple.  If that top network marketer is on MY team, I do my best to save them.  I'll try to find out why they are leaving…and see if I can get them to change their mind.  But…in the end, if they decide that someplace else is a better place for then, then I'll love them on the way out.

Simple Philosophy:  “Love 'em on the way in…and love 'em on the way out.”

If you're kind to them when they exit, they're likely to come back if they feel they made the wrong decision.  However…if you flame them on Facebook, block them, talk trash about them and treat them as your enemy, they'll never come back.

Be cool.
Be nice.
Stay calm.

And…to do a better job of preventing this in the future, stay in close contact with your key leaders!  The more connected you are, the less likely they are to go elsewhere.

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