Who are the Top Network Marketing Companies?

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The Top Ten Network Marketing Companies

Who are the top MLM Network Marketing companies today?  And…how do you go about “ranking” them? 

What makes them them the top?  Is it the network marketing company who has the most people earning a
check?  Or, the one with the biggest distributor force?  How about the MLM company with the person
earning the biggest check?   

You could certainly rate or rank MLM companies based on any of those criteria, but probably the simplest
and most accurate way would be based on sales. 

Direct Selling News posts their DSN Global 100.  This is a great validation piece that they put out each year
as it lists the Top 100 Direct Sales Companies Globally based on revenue.  The most recent ranking here
was based on 2010 sales figures. 

Some interesting findings in this recap I'm doing here.  In the 2009 ranking, a company had to do at least
$67 million to get on the list.  In 2010, that number jumped to $80 million.  That's a great sign, considering
the economic recession that began in 2008.  Things appear to be looking up.  We like that.  

Total wholesale volume in 2010 by the top 100 Direct Sales companies was $66 billion. 

And…the Top 10, which I will be talking about here accounted for $39 billion.  Over 43 million
distributors/consultants are involved in our profession worldwide. 

So…just remember this kind of stuff when you are dealing with nay-sayers or even questioning your own
involvement.  This is BIG business, and there are millions of people involved.  This kind of stuff makes me
sleep restfully at night.  It should give you some peace as well.  

  Let's look at the Top 10 MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales Companies based on 2010 Revenue:

  1.  Avon Products, Inc. $10.9 billion
    The world leader in cosmetic, fragrance and toiletry sales.  They operate in over 100 markets and
    started…get this, back in 1886! 
  2. Amway $9.2 billion
    You know…that company that so many people make fun of?  They had their first billion dollar month
    in June of 2011.  Any informed, educated individual wouldn't call a company of this magnitude a
    scam or any other negative.  They went to bat for us back in the 1970's big time.  In fact, you should
    thanking your lucky stars and giving homage to them for what they did for our profession.  The
    landmark case they won in 1979 likely paved the way for you to exist in our profession.  If you're not
    aware of it, I just gave you access to read up on some history. 
  3. Natura Cosmeticos SA $3 billion
    These guys have a product line of over 900 products and are headquartered in Brazil.  They do business
    in seven markets and focus on personal care and fragrance sales.  Most of their business exists in
    Central and South America. 
  4. Vorweck & Co. KG $2.9 billion
    They're a family owned company based in Germany and started way back in 1883.  Shoot!  People
    were still riding around in horses back then, weren't they?  They sell a number of different types
    of products and have several companies under their umbrella, including JAFRA Cosmetics.  By the
    way, many of these companies on this list, including Vorweck are publicly traded on the New York
    Stock Exchange- NYSE.
  5. Herbalife $2.7 billion
    Founded by the legendary Mark Hughes, who passed away back in 2000.  They currently do business
    in over 75 markets, with most of their product line focused on nutrition.
  6. Mary Kay Inc.  $2.5 billion
    Founded by Mary Kay Ash with a focus on empowering women, they sell skin-care and cosmetics
    in more than 35 countries globally.  Over 2 million Mary Kay reps are out there striving for their Pink
    Cadillac every day (one of the original, if not THE original car programs). 
  7. Tupperware Brands Corp $2.3 billion
    You likely have Tupperware running around your kitchen.  BIG time seller of food storage containers
    and a huge focus on “party plan” selling. 
  8. Oriflame Kosmetiek B.V.  $2.2 billion
    Here's a multi-billion dollar company that if you are living in the states and IN network marketing
    already, there's a good chance you've never even heard the name.  Interesting, isn't it?  Based in
    Sweden, they currently do business in more than 60 countries, but have no U.S presence.  
  9. Forever Living Products $1.7 billion
    These guys made aloe vera what it is today.  You know…that stuff you rub on your skin when you've
    got a sunburn?  Forever Living is the largest grower of aloe in the world.  Bet you didn't know that!
    And…they've got a ton of products with aloe in it, so it's not just for sunburn.  They're based in
    always sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. 
  10. Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc  $1.5 billion
    Founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, they started by scooping spoon fulls of skin cream out of their
    garage.  Nu Skin has over the years opened up a number of different divisions, as well as
    acquired some great names/brands, including Pharmanex. 

Some notables that didn't make the Top 10 Network Marketing company list, but DID make the top 100
that I'll mention are: 

  • Ignite Energy –  They only started in 2004 and already got themselves to $902 million in sales…and
    they're not even open in the entire US marketplace yet.  Young and gunning already. 
  • The Pampered Chef – Coming in at #25 on the list with 2010 revenue of $500 million, this
    company is owned by the “Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffett, who as of 2011 was the 3rd wealthiest
    person in the world.  Hmmmm…  Wait.  The 3rd richest dude on the planet OWNS a Direct Sales
    company?  More interesting than that, Buffett was quoted as saying about his investment in Pampered
    Chef, that “dollar for dollar, one of the single best investments I have ever made!”  I think that is
    saying something, don't you think?  Big time billionaire owned. 
  • Keller Williams Realty – Coming in at #78, this real estate company actually is structured as a
    direct sales company.  Fun fact.  Most people don't know that.  Did you?

  There's a whole bunch of others that I'm not going to reference in this post.  My
  suggestion:  become a subscriber of Direct Selling News.  Or, grab a copy
  of the DSN Global 100

  As an individual in this profession, a wise idea is to be wise.  Educate yourself.
  If you were a Golfer, you'd likely subscribe to Golf Digest, a Skier would subscribe to Skiing Magazine. 

  A Direct Seller (you) would subscribe to Direct Selling News

 This is great validation for the size, overall magnitude and the players in our






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