Why Do People Ghost Me in Network Marketing?

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In this episode…Why Do People Ghost Me?

  • What the Heck is Ghosting Anyhow?
  • Why do People Ghost Me? 
  •  Five Reasons Why People Ghost Me
  •  Get More People Showing Up by First Understanding ‘Ghosting'
  • Why Do People Ghost Me in Network Marketing?  

Let’s be honest.  Nobody likes being ghosted.  Not even the biggest, most influential leaders in our profession.  To tell you the truth, sometimes it pisses me off.   That's a natural response to someone being professional and following up only to find out the person you're reaching out to has vanished.

In fact, I’d rather you just tell me, “No…I’m not interested in you or your deal.”  Just be straight-up with rather than disappear off the face of the planet.

Most importantly for you know, EVERYONE gets ghosted.  Moreover, you could be the most well-known, biggest earning successful representative in your company and yet you’re still going to get ghosted at some point.

What the Heck is Ghosting Anyhow?

Ghosting is a common occurrence in many industries, including network marketing. It refers to the situation where someone suddenly stops communicating with you without any explanation or warning. As a matter of fact, in network marketing it's not uncommon for people to ghost you, whether they are a prospect or a team member. To sum it up, everyone gets ghosted.

Why do People Ghost Me?  Here’s FIVE Reasons Why…

1. Lack of Interest

Sometimes people are simply not interested in the opportunity or product that you're offering. With that being said, they may have initially shown interest, but then realized it's not something they want to pursue. In fact, they might not want to hurt your feelings or feel uncomfortable saying “no”, so they choose to stop communicating altogether.

Consequently, you can’t be mad at them for not be interested.  It’s just not their thing.  And frankly, them not wanting to hurt your feelings is actually a kind gesture even though when they disappear it doesn’t feel like they care, does it?

2. Fear

Fear is a very powerful motivator. Actually, there are lot of people who are just downright scared.  Some people might feel intimidated or scared of the idea of joining a network marketing business, especially if they have never done anything like it before.  As a matter of fact, they might not know how to express their fears or concerns so they choose to ghost you instead.

3. Busy Schedule

People are busy.  Their schedules are full.  Life can get hectic, and people's priorities can shift. Sometimes people may have good intentions to follow up with you but end up getting too busy with work, family, or personal obligations. They might not have the time or energy to continue the conversation and choose to ghost you instead.

4. Bad Experience

Unfortunately, some people may have had a bad experience with network marketing in the past. They may even have a feeling that they’ve been “burned” by a previous company.  Seldom is that a fact, but that’s the way they may feel regardless. And sometimes they experienced pushy sales tactics from another distributor and it turned them off.  Needless to say, this kind of situation can make them hesitant to engage with anyone in the industry again and lead them to ghost you.

5. Personal Issues

Lastly, people's personal issues can also lead to ghosting. They might be dealing with personal problems or health issues that prevent them from following up with you. Or they may also have lost interest in the opportunity due to changes in their personal life, such as a new job or relationship.  Stuff happens!

So…now you don’t have to wonder anymore, “Why do people ghost me?”

Don't Take it Personal

Most of the time it’s really nothing personal…so do your best to not take it that way.  Do your best because I know we’re all only human and we’ve got emotions.  Probably it's not something you like.  I certainly don’t like getting ghosted.  It sucks.  But…it's important to remember that ghosting is not necessarily a reflection of you or your skills as a network marketer.

Don't Let it Stop You

Besides, people have their own reasons for their actions and it's not always something that you can control. The best thing you can do is to continue to reach out and follow up with people, but also respect their decision if they choose not to respond. It's also pretty important to be understanding and empathetic towards people's situations and not take it personally.

In conclusion, just keep going.  Keep building.  Continue to work your business.  Keep building relationships and providing value to those who do show interest, and eventually, you will attract the right people who will be a good fit for your business.

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