Why People Don’t Succeed in Network Marketing…

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Why People Don't Succeed in Network Marketing…

If we identify failure points or key reasons why people don't succeed in network marketing, then we can very easily come up with solutions.  Watch this quick video on this subject, rooting from a Facebook thread gone viral…

This is a critical conversation for all of us to have in the network marketing profession.

Once we can clearly identify what the key reasons are as to why people don't succeed in network marketing, then we can begin to work on solutions to those individual problems people face.

Solutions are only found once a specific problem has been identified.

As I mentioned in the video above, I did a post on my Facebook Page recently that got a LOT of comments on this subject…enough so for me to follow up with a post about it, and a conversation on my Monday Night “Cracking the Code to Success” Conference Call.

Nobody in life wants to fail.  And…very few people like to witness it.  Personally, I'd like to see more and more people succeed in this business.  My life is dedicated to it.

The Haters Viewpoint

Our opponents, the “haters” and critics of our profession like to say that it's all just a money-game, a ponzi scheme, and is a broken or flawed concept, designed specifically to make the owners rich and to draw people in with hype and smoke & mirrors.

In fact…there are some people whose entire life is dedicated to trying to “protect” people from the bad folks that are involve in direct selling, and they do everything they can to WATCH OUT for the poor, unsuspecting fools who choose to do this as a profession.

Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things

It's interesting, because over the past 25 years, I have personally witnessed countless numbers of people enter our profession and do big things with it.  I've seen people of all backgrounds, with little or no business experience come in here and do extremely well.

Stay-at-home-moms, truck drivers, accountants, doctors, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, stockbrokers, realtors, cashiers…you name it…all of them, and every other category you can think of has come here and done well.

Granted…people in every profession and background imaginable have also come here and not done well, and have not succeeded.  They key is in identifying WHY people don't make it, looking at those causal factors, and then helping each individual struggling with it, to get past that roadblock or barrier preventing them from success in network marketing.

And…it's not network marketing itself that's the problem.  People get into all sorts of occupations and businesses that they either do very well in, or don't.

From the post on my Facebook page, here is a list of some of the key reasons why people feel individuals do not succeed in this profession.

  1. They don't want it bad enough.
  2. They aren't willing to do what it takes.
  3. They're afraid to step outside of what is comfortable to them.
  4. They care too much what others think.
  5. They don't like being rejected.
  6. They're afraid of being different.
  7. They're afraid of being criticized.
  8. Their afraid of failure, success, or bothering others.
  9. They don't know what to do.
  10. They don't think they can do it themselves.
  11. They have negative mental “chatter” they battle with in their minds.
  12. They lack self-belief or lack confidence.
  13. They lack a clear reason WHY.
  14. They become discouraged.
  15. They aren't coachable.
  16. They lack the competence or skills necessary to succeed.
  17. They aren't disciplined enough.
  18. They spend too much time with the wrong people.
  19. They don't have a game plan or understand the process.

Obviously, there were LOTS of other responses to my Facebook post.  I want to hear from you.  The profession needs you on this.  Your team, your future team needs you.

Please…respond and provide feedback on this issue:
Why People Don't Succeed in Network Marketing

If we ban together, and open up a monstrous conversation as to WHY people don't succeed, and come up with SOLUTIONS, we can all do better in this profession and help others do the same.

So…below in the comments section, give me your input.

What do you feel are the reasons, if not listed above, as to why people don't succeed in this business?

And…if you personally feel there is a SPECIFIC SOLUTION to one or more of these problems people face, please provide your input as well.

Thank you!

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