Your Best Year Ever: Setting the Tone

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I don't do resolutions anymore.  I used to do them, but I would always break them quickly, and end up disappointed.  Having your BEST YEAR EVER is more than “resolving” to do something differently, and end up only doing it for a few weeks.

Your Best Year Ever means making life-altering decisions in how you do things from this point forward…for good.  You can shoot into the New Year deciding today, right now, that from this point forward, this is how you are doing life.  You're turning over a new leaf, unveiling a new you, not following some age-old tradition that most people forget about by mid-January.

I did my KICK OFF TO 2016 TRAINING CALL a couple of days ago…and had my inbox flooded with people asking me for the list, as well as some detailed notes on what I covered.

So…I figured I'd share these strategies with you throughout the year.

Your Best Year Ever:  Setting the Tone

Whatever you do, get off of the starting blocks for this year with an absolute BANG.  Don't go slow.  Don't be weak.  Push yourself hard.  How you start this year is defines the tone or “theme” for it.  You want your theme to be “weak and pathetic”?  Then go slow.  You want it to be an absolutely kick butt year…the start RUNNING HARD now.

Commit right this moment to absolutely producing at the most blistering pace you can imagine for the next 30 days.  You can do it.  Stop telling yourself you can't work that hard.  That's a B.S. story for weak people…not you.  I'll give it to you this way.  When you go on a vacation, how much stuff do you get done the week before you go??  I'll bet you my right arm that you are massively efficient, on task, and have no time for stupid, menial activities.

Act like this:  You're going on a 2-week vacation, and you have a bunch of high priority responsibilities that must be handled before you leave.  THAT is how you need to look at how you work this year. Go get it.  Get busy NOW.  If you SPRINT, you'll win.

You have no time to waste.  Your success demands that you work efficiently.  Get to the point.  Stay very focused with how you work!

If we did a study on how much time people wasted, we'd probably all be shocked.  Everyone can work at a better, more efficient pace.  Be AWARE.  Don't allow yourself to slip into old habits.

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