How to Get More People to Look at your Business

Let’s face it, a whole bunch of you are getting people to say YES to “looking” at your business, probably making you even MORE excited than you already are, then they never even bother to review the information.

You ever have that happen to you? Thought so.

I know how frustrating it can be to get someone who “acts” like they are interested or even “says” they are, but then they never even bother to review it and see what it’s all about.

In this video post, I go into some specifics on how to get people to actually review your information, rather than just SAY they will. Some important things to remember are the use of copywriting skills, uncovering their “Action Motivator”, as well as layering in some “fear of loss” or “scarcity” into what you are doing.

Watch this video and pay close attention to what I am talking about…then APPLY it in your business!!!




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  1. Bob Hebert

    Yeah I’ve been guilty of getting lame responses to my emails.. that they asked me to send! Better copy, action motivators, creating scarcity.. that’s good stuff! Thanks Todd.

  2. Bryan Zimmerman

    Good copy writing is such a valuable skill when it comes to marketing. Being able to connect on some type of emotional level through words is very powerful.

  3. Yvonne Felix Ginder

    Thank you again for your words of wisdom, it’s so funny every time I tend to watch one of your blogs it’s always something I needed to hear and apply in my business you rock!!!!!!

  4. Keith

    I really kick myself, I had a chance to see you live at the double tree in Seattle, you were after jeffery Combs.

    I got antcy and left like a dumb ass, anyway love your last video keep it up It’s nice to hear the truth once in awhile!!

    Take Care,


  5. Damiso Arrington

    I had to watch this video about 4-5 times initially because “repetition of the fundamentals” are what really works in this industry.

    Thanks for reinforcing the fundamentals my friend!

  6. Wendell Wilkins

    Thanks Todd.I neede that information. I will be using better wrttten communication skills to un cover tthe prospects needs and wants.

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