This “Old School” Technique Can Make you a Fortune

Look. I don’t care whether you build your network, MLM, or direct sales business belly-to-belly, on the phone, using warm market, buying leads, running ads, using Social Media Platforms, networking groups, online or offline. They ALL WORK!

But…let me share this with you. LISTEN CLEARLY RIGHT NOW.

If you are in network marketing and you are working your business, yet producing LITTLE or NO results from your efforts, this strategy I share with you is GUARANTEED to help you become more productive.

Call it OLD SCHOOL, ancient or whatever you want.

Bottom line. It works.

And…if you aren’t doing it, you are flat out losing money.




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  1. Josh Boxer


    Great reminder. I think with the internet age, people think that they can just bypass calling their leads because they feel their sales funnel is so good that it will close their prospects for them. I have tested it and found that I convert 50% more when I connect with a lead via the telephone. Thank you for always giving the goods in your videos, calls and blog posts. I have learned a TON from you. Peace and old fashioned elbow grease.

  2. Tara West

    Agree Todd. Follow-up and harnessing the knowledge and expertise of your upline on a 3-way is a key to closing…. but only if you shut your mouth and let them do them talking 🙂 Thank you for always telling it like it is.

  3. Ethan Lanagan

    Classic that people consider 3-ways old school! It is an essential tool for so many things. New prospects or I use them all the time with active people to build leverage and move people into action. Its a great skill.

    And all the internet people crack me up. Yes it works and I generate leads from the internet to but at someone you have to get them on the phone and run them through your funnel which will probably include a 3-way call!

    Good stuff Todd!

  4. Connie Diest

    Todd Falcone delivers another inspiring blog post. I agree that one should have all aspects of marketing covered to be successful. It’s boils down to human nature will always require a warm touch, voice, or connection.

  5. Aerion Miles

    Haha…I knew what you were gonna say before you said it. Classic technique that works!! We were just talking about this on one of our team conference calls just last week. Great info Todd!!

  6. Matt Cassity

    Yes the telephone is vital to marketing. If you master the telephone you will have much more success. If you are not good at speaking on the phone than get an upline leader.

  7. Rhandell Mitchell

    You know I agree totally with what you said here on this post. I have learned alot from simply listening to my sponsor on the phone. One thing I know that concerns new reps though is when they come in under a heavy hitter there may only be 1 other person above in their upline to the top of the company. In many cases these guys are extremely busy with very little time to take calls. Everytime the new rep calls and they aren’t available the new rep gets discouraged. What would you say to someone in that situation?

  8. send out cards

    Very good Todd.

    I highly recommend the ‘Insider’s Guide to Recruiting Professionals’

    I have just been listening to the SendOutCards specific one and you mentioned contacting 30 business owners per day and half of them agreeing to finding out more, which I assume is a GAW. Of those 15 who agree to a GAW, how many of them actually join on average?

    Also, would I be able to look at the campaign that you send these people?

    ~ David

  9. William Whitlow

    I remember them days Todd, it seemed like I was never going to prospect anyone.

    That was back in my Primerica Financial days in the mid 90’s, when my upline, literally, taught me nothing.

    Then, thank god I had someone take me by the hand, and explain, how I don’t have to close anyone. Just sit and listen, and do it over, and over, til I can close deals myself.

    But, even when you become a Guru, like Todd Falcone, every once in a while, you need the 3 way.

    So you pick up the phone, and let you’re upline close the deal.

    It still cracks me up sometimes, some of these people when they make it and have huge downline, are above 3 way phone call. It amazes me. I put them in the same category as the guys with the alligator shoes, and Rolex watches, when Amway, was the only company out there.

    If this is the case, find another person, crossline, or upline.

    Real network marketers don’t leave their downline in the cold. It could be you’re next superstar.

    Thanks for the great post Todd.

  10. Damiso Arrington

    I think with the internet advancing the industry as far and as fast as it did kinda shook a ton of mindsets away from the 3-way call. People just flat out got afraid of the phone…

    Thanks you for the reminder that 3-ways work!!! (and that I need to do a gazillion more than I do now)

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