A Network Marketing Heavy Hitter Problem

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Are you a Network Marketing Heavy Hitter?

I really don't like using the term Network Marketing Heavy Hitter.  But…it's appropriate for this discussion.

I'd venture to guess that most people wouldn't mind being considered a heavy hitter.  Not sure what comes to mind for you…but when I think about the term “heavy hitter”, it reminds me of the person in baseball (the designated hitter), who is known for their ability to hit the ball out of the park when they get up to that plat.  Here's the thing with that particular situation.

Sometimes being really good can be a slight disadvantage.  Put yourself in this position for a second.  You're a MASTER at something.  You're so good that you're just going to MAKE things happen…and you're going to do it now.  You'll make it happen…and now.

Big producers will not allow anything to stop them.  Perhaps you're this kind of person who gets stuff done and doesn't allow anything to slow you down or get in your way.  Good for you.  That's a great quality to possess.

If you're that kind of network marketing heavy hitter, you may be in for a different kind of problem.  And…even if you're not, or don't think you are, you still have to avoid having this situation come up in your business.

Network Marketing Heavy Hitter or not, watch the video.

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