Are you a Roadblock to Success?

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Every year I take the time to poll my audience and ask questions like,

“What do you feel is the #1 Roadblock that is Preventing you from Being Successful?”

What if YOU are a roadblock to success?   What if you're blocking yourself from succeeding?

It's certainly a worthy question to ask yourself, don't you think?  Being successfully self-employed requires an incredible amount  of discipline and person accountability.  Some people don't have what it takes.  It's hard work.

In a recent poll, I was surprised at how many people feel like they are their own “Success Roadblock”.  If you feel like you are the person stopping yourself from being successful, there's a couple things you can do to see about breaking yourself free.

If “I can't seem to get out of my own way” has been part of your vocabulary, and you'd like to move yourself away from being your own worst enemy or obstacle, there's two major suggestions I'd give you today.

Two Ways to Stop Being the Roadblock to Success

#1:  Shock your Routine.  I mean…SHOCK IT.  Do things completely differently than you've been doing.  No…I'm not going to promise this will work for everyone, but it definitely DOES work.  You are ‘hard wired' in your brain to do the things you do.  You've literally burned a groove in your brain and it causes you to stay in a highly habitual state.

The key to changing your actions is to dramatically change your routine.

Let's say you get up at 7, go to the gym and hop on the treadmill, come home and eat some oatmeal, shower, take your kids to school, go to work, eat with your same buddies, come home, eat dinner…and finally make it to your office to stare at your desk.

Instead…try this.  Get up at 5am.  Stretch.  Read a book for 20-minutes, do a completely different workout routine than you've ever done, skip breakfast, take a shower and use some different shampoo, take your kids to school, eat with a client (not your buddies), come home, go for a short run, make 10 calls, eat dinner…then go back to your desk.

Long sentence…but you get the point.  CHANGE your ROUTINE…and you'll change your result.

If you want to stop blocking your pathway to success, shift your routine dramatically.

#2:  Grab a Running Partner.  Find someone who is looking to grow but also stuck.  Become one another's accountability partner running partner…whatever you want to call it.  Help one another stay on it.  Work together.  Make the commitment to act…as a team.  Even if you are in different companies or different lines of sponsorship…this could be just the ticket for both of you to get out the old habit of doing nothing.

It's pretty cool when you can find someone to run with where you can help each other get into action.  Find a buddy…and get to work!

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