Fearless Networker Spotlight: Jim Tanner

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jim tannerIn this Fearless Networker Spotlight, we're featuring Jim Tanner a former, semi-professional athlete who went on to deliver furniture for a living after realizing his dream of entering the WWE was not going to be realized. The past 14 years Jim has been building a booming Network Marketing organization. Read on to learn how he discovered his new-found success and happiness.

The Fearless Networker: Welcome! Let’s jump in and get to know one another a bit better. Do you have any unusual or impressive talents you’d like to share with us? Or is there something about yourself that would surprise everyone?

Jim Tanner: My goal in life, from a young age, was to be a touring professional wrestler. I wrestled amateur in high school and after graduation left for Florida to train at a pro-wrestling school. After I finished the school, I worked the independent circuit mostly in the Northeastern U.S. But, at different times I also wrestled all throughout the U.S. and Canada. I came fairly close to becoming a WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, contracted performer (formerly called the WWF, World Wrestling Federation), but time wasn't on my side. As I got into my thirties it became apparent that an offer wasn't going to be coming my way.

The Fearless Networker: What would you say is the most courageous thing you have done in your life? 

Jim Tanner: At the time, leaving a traditional job for a future as an entrepreneur seemed very scary. Of course, looking back it was the best thing I could have ever done. But at the time, it was a great unknown out in front of me.

jim tannerThe Fearless Networker: What's the last thing you geeked out about? Or are you technologically challenged?

Jim Tanner: I love online marketing tools. ClickFunnels is probably the thing with which I've spent the most time on. You won't find me playing video games or anything like that. But, if I can figure out how to make my marketing simpler and help my team grow their business more efficiently…I'm ALL about technology.

The Fearless Networker: What were you doing BEFORE you got involved in Network Marketing?

Jim Tanner: I worked a full-time job delivering furniture and a part-time job working at a supplement store in the mall.

The Fearless Networker: How did you FIRST get introduced to the Network Marketing profession and, honestly, what was that experience like for you?

Jim Tanner: I owned the service, but didn't know about the opportunity. I basically recruited myself later on when I realized I could get paid to tell people about all the services I was already telling them about for free!

jim tannerThe Fearless Networker: Okay, now for the stats…how long have you been involved in the Network Marketing profession, how long have you been with your current company, how many people have you personally enrolled into your company and what is the current size of your organization?

Jim Tanner: I've been involved since 2004. I have only been with this one company in that time period. I've probably personally enrolled about 300 associates, but it could be more because sometimes, depending on incentives, it would make sense to let someone on my team be the recruiter of record. So after all these years, it's really only a guess.

The Fearless Networker: What does a typical day in your life look like?

Jim Tanner: I still prospect every day. I never make it a day without speaking to people about watching the overview video and/or following up with people that already watched it to get them started. I also do game-plan “launch” sessions with my new people to help them get started quickly. I spend a lot of time with new people and because of that, over the last two years, I have been in the top 10 of associates that have the most people moving up the levels in their team as a percentage of all new recruits within the team.

jim tannerThe Fearless Networker: What is your favorite book(s)? How about your favorite genre of music? (If you want to throw in the first concert you attended, go for it! (My first concert was Rush, June 6, 1979 at the Seattle Center Coliseum.)

Jim Tanner: My favorite book is No Cash, No Fear by Terry Allen. Most Network Marketers have never heard of this book, but the guy that wrote it was from the same town as me and he made it big. Years ago I started reaching out to him to keep him updated on how I'm doing as an entrepreneur.

If I listen to music, it's at the gym or with the top down in the car and driving fast. So, it will always be hard rock like Metallica or old school hip hop.

The Fearless Networker: Tell us about a time, no matter what age, that you wanted something so badly, regardless if it was big or small, that you were unstoppable in pursuing it. What obstacles did you overcome to reach that goal?

Jim Tanner: I told my wife we were going to qualify for a company trip to Iceland. I was exhausted and trying to qualify for that trip and if I hadn't have told her about it, I probably wouldn't have tried so hard. But, I didn't want to tell her I came up short so I pushed hard and we qualified for the trip!jim tanner

The Fearless Networker: How has being involved in Network Marketing CHANGED YOUR LIFE, professionally, personally or both?

Jim Tanner: It has changed my entire perspective on what is possible. I'm proof that the American dream is alive and well. If I can develop the skills to win as a Network Marketer, almost anyone can do it too.

The Fearless Networker: What gives you joy and/or feeds your passion?

Jim Tanner: Initially, I got joy from achieving personal success in the business. But now, I am moved to tears by the stories of people in our organization that are changing their lives with our opportunity. I know that if I do my part and share everyday, it will land on the right people at the right time.

jim tannerThe Fearless Networker: What is your biggest fear?

Jim Tanner: Doing less with my life than what I was capable of; I want to leave it all on the field when my time is up. I hope I never give less than 100% towards my faith, family and team.

The Fearless Networker: If you are full-time, how long did it take you to go from being a part-time Network Marketer to going full-time? Were there any hesitations, struggles or roadblocks?

Jim Tanner: I was afraid to do it because I didn't want to have to go back to the job world as a failure. I quit my full-time job as soon as I could, but kept my part-time job until they just asked me to stop coming in. The other guys at the store knew I was starting to make significant income and they said it was too weird to see me working the register. Eventually they just stopped scheduling me for shifts. I suppose I technically never quit that job; I guess I could have gotten a shift if I really wanted one.

The Fearless Networker: What makes you happiest and most effective when working with others?

Jim Tanner: I love people that are excited about the future and are ready to shed the failure or disappointment of their past. When folks are hanging onto their baggage, it's hard for them and for me as their coach. When they trust the process and focus on the future, it's the best way to help them win.

The Fearless Networker: What are the failures that you most cherish? 

Jim Tanner: It's hard to define anything as failure because all of the lead-up to now was a season of preparation. Things were hard, but failure is such a permanent state…I can't think of anything that I can attach to the word.

jim tannerThe Fearless Networker: Let’s end on this note: What’s one solid piece of advice that you’d give someone entering this profession for the very FIRST time? And/or the best advice you’ve ever received?

Jim Tanner:  Don't hang the rest of your life on the first 48 hours of your business. Most of the people I know that are successful in Network Marketing are so because they stuck around long enough to figure out the business. Not everyone you speak with is going to buy. Not everyone you speak with is going to join. Not everyone that joins is going to produce. And, not everyone that produces is going to excel.

The Fearless Networker: So true. That's a great piece of advice to remember Jim. Appreciate you!

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