How to Get your Downline Doing More

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I'd say this is probably one of the top questions we get.

“How do I get my team producing?”
“How do I get my downline doing more?”
“Where's all the good people at?  I'm showing up…but no one else on my team is working!”

Ohhhh… can I relate!  I was like that very early on in my career!  And…I know how frustrating it can be!

There are a few simple things to get your downline doing more.

#1:  Set the Pace.  Be the Example for Everyone Else to Follow. 

It you want your team doing more, what do they see you doing?

If you're not recruiting and gathering customers, why should they?  Would you expect any different.  You can't just point your finger and tell them to get after it.  It doesn't work that way.

If they see you doing, they're more likely to do.  Hanging out in the back of the room isn't going to cut it if you'd like to see your people being more present and engaged.  They're watching you mill around the hallways and inattentive.  Just because you've seen the training a thousand times before and you're bored of it…it's not an excuse to disconnect.  You need to LEAD.

How engaged are you?

And…being in personal production solves the problem in both ways.  You're recruiting new people every day because you're out there focused and doing what you should be doing.   You're in personal production mode.  You are demonstrating what it's like to be a good leader.  If your people follow suit, good.  If they don't…it won't matter, because you're already replacing them with someone else.  See how it solves the problem?

You have to be the person setting the pace for other people to follow.

#2:  Don't Do it for Them!

This one is more for your impatient folks…who simply can't seem to wait any longer, so you end up doing it for them.  STOP!  How are they ever going to learn if you don't give them the chance.

It's kinda like always tying your kid's shoes for them.  They'll never learn to tie their own shoes if you're always in their grill bending down and tying them so you can run out the house to school.

The way to empower them is to NOT do it for them.   Teach them, lead them, guide them, direct them…but don't do it for them.  They can't do it if you'r always doing it for the.

Show them the ropes, get them moving in the right direction, alleviate their fears by being there to support…but don't do the work for them…ever.

#3:  Be Engaged with your New People.  

One thing for sure that will get your people in action is you acting right along with them.  Especially when a person is brand new, it is super important for you to stay connected with them and to help them figure it out.

They're new, full of fear and working in something that is an unknown to them.  Help them get comfortable with it.  Work WITH them.  Make calls, do meetings, see people WITH them.  That extra person right alongside them may be just the ticket to help them get past some of their initial fears and trepidations.

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