Fearless Networker Spotlight: Jordan Kemper

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jordan-kemper-headshotIn this Fearless Networker Spotlight, we're featuring Jordan Kemper, a professional Network Marketer who has built an organization of over 16,000.

The Fearless Networker:  Jordan, how long have you been involved in the Network Marketing profession?

Jordan Kemper:  Almost nine years and I've been working with only one company for my career.

The Fearless Networker:  During the past nine years, how many people have you personally enrolled into your company?

Jordan Kemper:  I've personally enrolled 306 individuals.

The Fearless Networker:  Congrats!  What is the current size of your organization?

Jordan Kemper:  It breaks down to 12,619 customers and 4,155 associates, which is a total organization of 16,774.

Jordan KemperThe Fearless Networker:  That's great!  What was your biggest obstacle on your way to achieving success in this profession, and how did you overcome it?

Jordan Kemper:   I started this business when I was 22 years old.  I made a TOTAL of $960 in my first YEAR.  With such a slow start, I had a lot of fear.  Was I in the right industry?  Could I succeed?  It took me about 18 months before I started to act like a professional.  Now nine years in, I’m trying to stay relevant and continue growing. 

The Fearless Networker:  What was your greatest fear as you started your Network Marketing career?

Jordan Kemper:   I questioned if this was truly a legitimate business model or would my skills be better used elsewhere?

Jordan KemperThe Fearless Networker:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received that’s served you well in business?

Jordan Kemper:  If you truly focus on serving other people, you will be unusually successful. 

The Fearless Networker:  So true!  Where have you found your biggest success in recruiting new people into your organization?  

Jordan Kemper:  Prospecting solves all your problems.  You must continue to expand your network.  Social media is evolving and should be a part of the equation, but don’t let it be the reason you stop meeting people face-to-face.

The Fearless Networker:  When it comes to building a successful group, what actions do you recommend to help a team grow?

Jordan Kemper:  Events are key to growing and building community.  FaceBook groups are the easiest and a consistent way to keep your team connected. 

Jordan KemperThe Fearless Networker:  Are their any actions you’ve implemented into growing your business that you’ve found to be exceptionally productive? 

Jordan Kemper:  Lately, my team has been creating systems.  Rather than the focus of selling just a product, we want to provide a system to complement the product.  For example, if we are trying to sell weight management products, we are adding value by providing meal plans, exercise programs and accountability to enhance their results and experience. 

The Fearless Networker:  Do you have any suggestions for people to ensure that they make network marketing a lasting and successful business to pursue for a lifetime?

Jordan Kemper:  Please read Royalty Income: The Business of Getting Paid More than Once by Dr. Steve Hryszczuk and/or The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki.  These books will help you develop belief in the industry and guide your expectations. 

Joran KemperThe Fearless Networker:  What is your favorite business book of ALL time?

Jordan Kemper:  The Bible is truly my instruction manual. 

“If you truly focus on serving other people, you will be unusually successful.” Jordan Kemper

The Fearless Networker:  What’s one solid piece of advice that you’d give someone entering this profession for the very first time?

Jordan Kemper:  Educate your expectations.  You will need to learn new skills and remain consistent.

The Fearless Networker:  I'm curious, how has being involved in Network Marketing changed your life?

Jordan Kemper:  More than improved health and income, I’ve grown as a person.  The personal development that comes along with building a home-based business is the best part. 

Jordan KemperThe Fearless Networker:  If you could share anything that would massively impact the people reading this, what would it be?

Jordan Kemper:  I have been in Network Marketing for nine years.  There have been ups and downs, for sure.  I had moments of self-doubt, questioned my industry and even questioned my company.  People have tried to distract me.  However, when your vision is laser-focused and you stay locked-in to your calling of service to others – you stay in momentum.  You must keep the main thing, the main thing!  Do not get side-tracked.  Know why you are in this business, know who you want to serve, passionately support your team members, and you will shine!

The Fearless Networker:  I couldn't have said it any better.  Thanks Jordan and keep on rocking!

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