Five Phenomenal Ways to Get Rich in Network Marketing

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Buzzy Boxer is BACK with some legit tips on how to make the big bucks in network marketing.  If you want to get rich in network marketing…don’t listen to Buzzy.  

Listen…I need to give you a little disclaimer before we get going through this because there will be people who unfortunately think that these are serious tips.  Buzzy is a joke…he represents everything you DO NOT want to do in network marketing.  K…now that I’ve gotten that out of the way.  

Buzzy’s 5 Phenomenal Ways to Get Rich in Network Marketing

#1:  Master the Art of Crossline Recruiting.

This is where you steal someone else’s prospect or current distributor.  You call someone who is already in your company, tell them to quit and then sign up under you.  Or…another way of doing it is by taking someone’s prospect who comes to an opportunity presentation and convince them to join you instead.  This is extremely frowned upon in the network marketing profession and most certainly won’t help you get rich in network marketing.  

#2:  If they Can’t Afford it, Pay their Way in.  

When you have a prospect that is looking at your business and they do not have the money to join, just pay for them.  And…while you’re at it, pay for their monthly subscription, pay for their conference tickets, flights.  Heck…you might as well pay their rent too.  You should probably think about just doing the work for them too and building their business so they can just sit on the couch.  

Truth is…when you do that, you’re crippling your new person.  Why in the world would they ever have any motivation to do anything when you paid for them to join?  Don’t ever pay for someone to join your company.  If they truly cannot afford it, it’s not the right time for them. 

#3::  Tell your Prospect, “If you had half a brain, you’d do this deal”

Well…your boy Buzzy here is the kind of guy that loves to throw an insult and doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.  Insulting your prospect by saying they’re stupid won’t get you anywhere.  In fact…here’s another thought.  You know that term J.O.B. which stands for Just Over Broke?  Every time you use that term, you’re literally insulting the very person you’re attempting to bring on to your team.  I’d love to see that terminology permanently retire and never be said again in network marketing.  It isn’t effective.  Stop using it.  

#4:  Cash Gifting is Where it’s At.  

By all means, do a cash gifting scheme!  I mean…if in their promotion of a cash gifting deal they have to say, “this is 100% legal”, you can be rest assured that it is.  Yea…right!  Cash gifting programs are NOT legal no matter what kind of pitch they’re giving you…including the standard US Postal Code crap that people try to say to legitimize a cash gifting scheme.  

Find one company…focus and build it solid.  You’ll be a lot better of when you do…and you’ll be able to sleep at night.  

#5:  If you’re Not Making Money, just Lie to your Prospect!

It’s easy when you’re broke or simply aren’t seeing the success you want to try  and impress people with your check.  People in network marketing lie or exaggerate ALL the time.  The problem with liars is that they always get caught.  Better for you to be authentic, honest and tell the truth.  

If you’re not making money yet or the kind of money you’d like to be earning or thought you should be earning, just tell the truth.  People will respect you more!

So…I use this Buzzy character to teach because it’s fun, funny…and the dude is such a dufus, no one in their right mind would ever want to be like him.  

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I hope you enjoyed today’s episode, because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Buzzy this year.  Love to hear your comments!  Feel free to share this post with your team!

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