Follow up is Stoopid

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In today’s episode of Gettin’ Rich with Buzzy Boxer, you’re going learn how smart he is.  Buzzy is so smart that he has figured out a way to spell stupid….stoopid.  And…he’s right.

You’ll never make any money following up with people.  That whole “fortune is in the follow up” line…garbage.

No one ever joined anyone who actually followed up with them after they’ve put them in front of information about their company.

Nope.  You just sit back, relax, and wait for the money to come flying at you.  That’s how the real pros like Buzzy do it.

REAL PROS FOLLOW UP.  Real professionals in the network marketing profession clearly understand the value of follow through.  Finish what you started.  Get back to the person you invited…and see how they felt about what they looked at.  Don’t be a ball-dropper…and most certainly, do NOT listen to Buzzy.

Remember…don’t be a Buzzy.  He’s represents all of the things you DON’T want to do in this profession.  

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