How Appreciation and Recognition Keep Team Members Inspired

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How Appreciation and Recognition Keep Team Members Inspired
  • Supercharge Your Team and Grow Your Business Faster
  • The ONE THING That Speeds Up Production

How Appreciation and Recognition Keep Team Members Inspired

There's power in recognition. There's a reason network marketing companies reward people when they hit a new pin rank.

Regardless of the level you're at in the company, it feels amazing… being recognized for your hard work and production. This is so powerful that sometimes it's more important than money itself.

This is deep within us… the need to feel valued. The key here is you want to make sure it happens in a timely fashion. Back in the day I had one of my team members who hit a new pin rank.

With this new pin rank came a brand new gold watch. Couple weeks went by and he called me asking if he should be getting this gold watch from the company… I said of course.

Couple more weeks went by and still no watch… at this point he was not happy. He ended up getting his watch later, but by then the thrill was gone.

It's kinda of like training a new puppy (I'm not calling people puppies). You ask the puppy to sit and then you give him the treat four days later… that's not going to work.

Here's how to…

Supercharge Your Team Members and Grow Your Business Faster

You want to have your own personal team recognition plan. Set up something in your own business that you'll do to recognize people who are taking action on your team.

I'm taking about rewarding “production”, not effort. If you have a new person who's been in the business for two weeks and sold their first product… RECOGNIZE THEM!

You want to do this on your team calls, online groups, etc… so others hear you recognizing the people that produce. This will motivate everyone to start producing.

This is how you start to inspire and motivate your team. This business is about moving volume, so this is why we reward production.

You want to create a culture of production on your team. This starts from attracting your ideal prospect… all the way through to your team training.

People who produce, get noticed and rewarded. Then we train everyone to become producers. People feel great when they produce and will keep doing the business.

Now, let's look at…

The ONE THING That Speeds Up Production

Remember… people want to feel valued, and appreciated so design this into your business plan. Then train your team members to put it into their own business plan.

Before you know it, your organization is consistently producing… on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. The bottom line is… appreciated people do more for themselves and others.

Recognition is important for team growth (it's really the key). Make sure you watch this weeks training for all the details… on how to use this in your network marketing business.

In this episode #38, It's all about how to… “How Appreciation and Recognition Keep Team Members Inspired”. Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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