What Rich People Do that Broke People Don’t

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What Rich People Do that Broke People Don't

Lots of people think that in order to create wealth, to create riches…be be financially independent that you have to make a ton of money.  Sure…it helps an awful lot to get your earnings up, but what REALLY matters is what you keep.

I do a lot of videos and a ton of training…this would be one of those that IF you were to pick one for your team to watch, I'd advise you to do so.  Share it.  They need to hear this message.

I cannot tell you how many people I know who have made $50,000 a month in a company and have ZERO to show for it.  I mean…like literally ZERO.  Living with their parents in the basement kinda zero.

STOP.  Spend 8-minutes and watch this video attached to this post.

As a point of reference, I talk about two different books in the post that I think are highly valuable to you.  One is called The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason and the other is by a very good friend and probably one of the best network marketers I know, who happens to be AMAZING with his money.  He wrote a book recently called Money Mindset.

If I were you…I'd pick up both of them right this second if they aren't in your arsenal.  One of the BIGGEST REASONS I am a fan of Brian's book is this.  He is a network marketer.  Been in ONE company for over 15 years.  And…he has been INCREDIBLY SMART with it, unlike a lot of people I know.

Please.  Do yourself a favor.  STOP what you are doing and FOCUS on what I share in this video.  You can thank me later.

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