How to Get More Builders in your Network Marketing Business

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If you want BIG success in network marketing, you need to find BUSINESS BUILDER to help drive growth. You will not earn large sums of money in network marketing unless you have people that are committed to being business builders themselves.

Success in network marketing comes from having a combination of product/service users…people that are end-users or end-consumers of what it is that you market and have nothing to do with the comp plan, as well as having people that are committed to building the business themselves.

Here are 5 Ways to Get More Builders in your Network Marketing Business

#1: Focus your Prospecting Efforts on Looking FOR Business Builders.

You may be in a company that is VERY product focused. And…that's a GREAT thing! In fact…I'd be very wary of any company that does not put emphasis on getting end users on your products.

If the ONLY focus is “Go Recruit people. Don't worry about the products”, then you're going to have a problem. Regulators HATE companies that only focus on recruiting.

There needs to be BALANCE. Every rep in your organization MUST have personal customers that they service (people not in the deal or attached to the comp plan in any way)…meaning REAL customers. AND…you MUST have BUSINESS BUILDERS!

A person building the business is going to drive customer volume and growth. It's how significant income is earned in this profession.

Think about it this way. If you were a McDonald's Franchise owner, would you earn more money by having ONE productive McDonald's location…or 100 of them? The answer is obvious…and it is exactly the same thing in network marketing.

So…to GET more business builders, you need to make sure you focus some TIME on PROSPECTING for them. That means…not always leading with the product. Now again…if your culture is ‘product first', then stick to it. You can always bring up the business later.

But…step one in getting business builders is by focusing on finding them in your recruiting efforts.

#2: Recruit People Who Already Like Being Paid on their Production!

One of my specialties is recruiting UP. You've very likely heard me talk about the idea of recruiting UP the socio-economic chain. In other words, focus on recruiting talent.

Now…the specific TALENT I am referring to here is making sure that you spend some time recruiting people who like making money and getting paid for what they produce. People who are in outside sales, realtors mortgage professionals, insurance agents….and others who make MORE when they produce more, are a GREAT source of prospects.

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#3: Invest Time Working with your Existing Team.

Great builders are probably already in your organization. They just need a little love, guidance and help. Dig in with your people. Work with them. Help DEVELOP them into builders by giving them a fighting chance@

Don't just sign people up and HOPE that they'll go to work. HELP them do it. HELP them figure it out! This is a source that you already have access to…even if you only have a very small organization.

Builders are BUILT by you investing time and working WITH them to help them develop their capacity.

#4: Look for Pockets in Depth.

This is one of those things that are at the very TOP of my list when it comes to substantially growing an organization in network marketing.

Look at your genealogy reports. Look at the downline reports that are given to you in your back office. Ask yourself, who is building? Who is recruiting? Who is rank advancing? Who is on my team that I don't know yet that is producing something already? How can I help them?

Reach out to them. Pick up the phone and CALL THEM! Say hi. Introduce yourself and offer your assistance. Don't just hope and wait for something to happen. Go MAKE something happen. That's how you do it!

#5: Get your Prospecting Numbers UP!

If you want more business builders, you need to recruit more people. It's that simple. For every 10 people you put into your business, maybe one or two of them will turn into REAL business builders.

So…just by getting your personal recruiting numbers up, you'll naturally find more business builders that way.

The Bottom Line

When you incorporate ALL of these strategies…focusing on recruiting FOR business builders, investing time on recruiting TALENT, investing time in developing your people, looking for POCKETS of activity that you didn't know existed AND you get your personal numbers up, you will find yourself with a team of business builders who are driving growth on your team. It's that simple.

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