Is it Possible to Increase your Personal Charisma?

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I think so.  While there are for SURE people who naturally exhibit an incredible amount of charisma…you can work on yourself and become more charismatic.

Some people have a natural level of personal charisma.  It's just who they are…and they're easily recognized because of the qualities they exhibit.  That's the thing about charismatic people.   We're drawn to them.

One thing for sure is this.  They make you feel amazing!!  You leave someone who has CHARISMA…they always have you feeling better having been around them.

What is charisma? 
Charisma is essentially defined as a “compelling attractiveness or charm”.  

There's something about those people…those charismatic human beings that makes us want to be with them, near them and around them.  They are magnets.  They are magnetic.

So…how then does one who is not “naturally” charismatic develop themselves into a more charismatic person?

Think about someone who IS very charismatic.  What are those qualities that make them so?

Here's a few that I can think of…


My suggestion to you in becoming more charismatic is to sit down and think of other qualities these people exhibit that you find attractive in another person.

Write those qualities down on paper!

Ask yourself, how can I exhibit those qualities in my life to increase my personal charisma?

Then…start acting on it.  It's really as simple as that.

When you model qualities or behaviors in a person that you find appealing, you too will become more appealing.

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