How to Make 2015 Your Best Year of your Entire Life

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How to Make THIS YEAR your BEST YEAR of your Entire Life

It's that time of the year.  A NEW start.  Resolution time.  Everyone is wanting to get off to a great start in the New Year.  I know I am!

This is a pretty sad fact.

The Top 10 Most Broken Resolutions are:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Quit Smoking
  3. Learn Something New
  4. Eat Healthier
  5. Get out of Debt
  6. Spend More Time with Family
  7. Travel to New Places
  8. Be Less Stressed
  9. Volunteer
  10. Drink Less

All those are things that people set out to do, but ultimately give up on…and most do so rather quickly.

I took most of the month of December off and took some well-needed R&R.  I did a LOT of journaling and wrote down a LIST of things I want to be aware of in 2015, to help me make it an even better year than 2014.

While my business BOOMED in 2014, other areas of my life suffered.  I was in a very “blah” state for most of 2014…and have no plans on staying that way in this fresh year of 2015.

Last night on my kickoff training call for the year, I shared my list with a big group of people.  I wrote the list for me…but felt it would be valuable for other people in the network marketing profession to hear.

So.  Here's my list for having a super 2015.

Things to Do to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever:

  1. Decide exactly what you want in every area of your life that you want to improve on.  In other words, get really, really clear and be super specific about exactly what it is you are looking to accomplish.  No vague generalities allowed.
  2. Develop a daily ritual or routine that supports it.  And…put your daily plan on a one-sheet so you stick to it.
  3. Repeat and delete.  You've heard me talk about this a ton over the past few months.  Success is finding things that work, and deleting the things that don't.  Look back at what worked for you and what didn't in 2014.  If it didn't serve you, drop it.
  4. Replace TV or mindless Internet surfing with reading.    Your creativity soars when you read.  Feed your mind the nutrition that it needs to grow, not the fast food diet served up by television and most of the Internet.
  5. Don't go a single day without talking to at least one person about you business.  Make it a rule.  Make it your mission in life to not go to bed until you speak to at least one person every single day of the year about your business.  It keeps you engaged.
  6. Start saying NO to things that aren't part of your plan.  People will always be coming to you with ideas, most of which are not part of your personal plan of attack for your life.  Learn to say NO to them and YES to your plan.  You'll be better off because of it.
  7. Honor all of your commitments.    Stick to your promises…even if it means going back in time and making good on something you didn't deliver on in the past.
  8. Knock out your biggest business projects first.  The big, hard ones…the ones that scare you, those are the projects or To-Dos you should tackle right away.  Give yourself a victory over what frightens you the most.
  9. Think different.  Every thought leader you will ever hear from will tell you “what you think about most surfaces in your life”.  Consciously push away the bad thoughts that enter your mind and replace them with positive, empowering ones.  We ALL do it.  I know I do.  I have to consciously say to myself, “No…push that thought away.  You're better than that.  Think this way instead.”
  10. Smile more and be the nicest person you know.  The simple act of turn your mouth in an upward direction and smiling at another person releases endorphins and emits all sorts of positive, feel good energy.  Most people run around flat-lipped and flat-lined.  Making the conscious decision to smile at people you come into contact with will help you create big changes in your life.  Try it for 30 days and see what happens.
  11. Do your best to do things right the first time around.  If you want repeat business, you have to do things right the first time.  There's nothing more frustrating for a customer who feels they've been short-sided.  Life is simply easier when you finish what you start.  Pay attention to details and make sure you're a strong finisher in things you do with people.
  12. Find an accountability partner.  We all need a little help.  Accountability partners are an amazing support system designed to hold us in responsibility for the things we SAY we want to do.
  13. Hire a personal fitness trainer.  If you are like most people, getting fit and feeling better is probably at the top of your resolution list.  To make it easier (if you want to call it that), hire someone to kick your butt at the gym.  I guarantee you this.  You will have better results with a personal fitness trainer, than without one.  They push you.  That's what they are there for.
  14. Be eternally grateful.  Stop…in gratitude.  Be thankful for what you have.  It's so much more powerful than being angry for the things you don't.  When you are in a place of truly being grateful, you don't have fear or anger.
  15.  Make the kind of impression on people that makes them happier as a result of seeing you.  If you lived your life making people feel good, you can't go wrong.  When I leave the presence of someone in 2015, I want them feeling better when I leave…not the opposite.
  16. Get up earlier.  I decided to start my days in 2015 at 5am.  Yes…early.  First two days of the year it hurt a bit.  It hasn't been easy.  But…once I do it, head to the gym and get moving, I've already been getting more done.
  17. Hang out with people that lift you up.  None of us have time to invest with people that aren't supportive.  The more time you spend with cool people, the fun ones that lift your spirits, the better off you are.  Make it a point this year to spend less time with those that aren't lifting you up.
  18. Do something every single day that moves you closer to your goal in each area of your life.  You want go improve your relationships with your kids?  Do better financially?  Be a better business builder?  Don't let a day pass without doing something that moves you in the direction of what you want.  Imagine 365 days of inching toward what you want!
  19. Pay yourself first.  Go read the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” or Tony Robbins newest book, “Money:  Master the Game”.  I'm reading Tony's book as we speak.  You have to pay yourself.  Why do a bunch of work and leave nothing for you?  This needs to start today!
  20. Wrap up every day with the question, “What great things did I do today?”  It's a daily reminder that you are on a mission.  Do it.
  21. Stretch yourself and push past your limitations.  Growth only happens when you make yourself do something that is uncomfortable.  For me…it means literally stretching!  I'm wound up like a tight knot.  One of my resolutions this year is to be limber.  I'm already feeling the results only 5 days into the New Year.
  22. Always over-deliver.  When you make it habit to do more than is expected of you, you can't help but win.  Try it…you will LOVE it, and the feedback you get on doing more than you're asked.
  23. Write out a paragraph on what your life will look like at the end of the year when everything goes right for you.  Seriously…if everything, in every area of your life that you are working on, ended up being perfect, what would that look like to you?  Write it down.  It's exciting!
  24.  Get moving…now.  If you aren't exercising, you need to.  You're no good to anyone when you have no energy, and you're no good to no one when you are dead.  Exercise is crucial to living.  You'll feel better, have more energy, build your self-confidence…and you'll live longer.  Start now.
  25.  Journal.  I LOVE writing and reading from my journals.  Most people I know that are mega producers do it.  That's enough of a clue for me to do it.  So…I do it.  And…the learnings you get as a result of reading what you wrote are mind boggling.
  26.  Plan for your success.  Take a tip from me.  Spend a few minutes every Sunday night and look at your previous week.  What did you miss?  What unfinished business needs attending to?  Look at what's coming.  Ready yourself for it.  Don't let your week be a surprise.
  27. Take responsibility for where you are.  My body feels and looks the way it does because of the crap I've shoved into my mouth.  I'm the only person to blame for that.  I take responsibility for it.  My business is booming.  And…I take responsibility for that.  The best thing we can all do is OWN IT.  Own the good stuff..and the bad stuff.  Don't play victim.  It's you're fault…and you know it.
  28. Make good on that one big burden in your life that you know is nagging you.  Most of us have something that drastically needs attention.  Something so big and looming over us, that we want to try and hide it away in a closet, but we can't.  I don't know what it is for you…but you do.  Maybe it's that broken relationship with a close family member or friend, and you don't talk anymore.  Maybe it's something that happened a long time ago that you're still hurting from.  Whatever it is…make THIS YEAR be the year you address it and move past it.  That burden can't feel good.  Release it…you'll be better off for taking the high road.

Well.  That's my list.  I wrote it for me, but wanted to share it with you.  Feel free to pass it on to others if you think they might benefit from it.

I'm ready for a great year!  Let's do this!

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