How To Make A Fortune Going On Vacation

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How To Make A Fortune Going On Vacation
  • The One Activity That Makes All The Difference In Your Income
  • The Ultimate Mindset Shift That Can Make You Rich

How To Make A Fortune Going On Vacation

I’ve got a special training for you. Today, I’m going to share with you my “vacation philosophy.” Now, you might be thinking, how the heck it’s possible to make a fortune going on vacation? Well, it has more to do with your mindset than anything else .Once you have enough leaders in your business who are self-sufficient, it happens pretty quickly. In today’s training, you’ll see how to create more business and income for yourself using this one simple mindset shift. And this works even if you’re brand new to the business and have no leaders on your team yet. Let’s get started.

The One Activity That Makes All The Difference In Your Income

The first thing we want to look at is this idea of being busy vs. being productive. I’ve seen people work 40 plus hour weeks for months straight and still not produce anything. I call this “being busy.” Then I’ve seen some get more done in a few days and start putting people into their business like they’re going on vacation tomorrow. I call this being productive. What’s the difference between the two? The difference is in how they approach the work. The way you want to approach the work is kind of like what happens when you’re going on vacation. You know, the day or two before you’re running around taking care of things for when you’re on vacation. It’s funny how people are laser targeted with their activities when they know they’ll be lying on the beach in a few days. This is the same type of mindset you want to start applying in your business. Let’s now look at how to do this.

The Ultimate Mindset Shift That Can Make You Rich

The key is to work like you’re going on vacation every day. You want to act as if you’re going on vacation tomorrow. When you do this, you’ll find yourself only focusing on the activities that matter in your business. Which we all know are what I call RPA’s (revenue-producing activities.)The other thing I recommend is…Stop saying yes to everything and start saying no to the things that don’t serve you. I can assure you once you do this, everything will open up for you. This is ultimately a mindset shift that you want to make. Here’s another way to look at it… Imagine you gave yourself only 30 days to hit the next level in your business. You can bet every day would be filled with revenue-producing activity. And because of this new mindset shift and action you’re taking… Your network marketing business would take off like a rocket. So, choose to get after it by making this mental shift and watch your business and income snowball. If you’d like help growing your business rapidly, click here to check out my proven roadmap. This episode, #143, it’s about “How To Make A Fortune Going On Vacation.” Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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