How to Regain Momentum in Your Business

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • How to Regain Momentum in Your Business.
  • People Get Stuck in Their Own Comfort Zone.
  • Become a Leader and Develop a System for Team Building.

How to Regain Momentum in Your Business

Has there ever been a time in your business, where you're cranking along…

Your team volume is rising.

Your checks are increasing.

Then one day you're reviewing your team stats and notice things are dropping off?

You see people leaving the business.

Your checks are declining and there's less cash coming in.

You start to freak out…

What's going on…

Why is this happening?

If you've been in this situation before…

You're not alone.

There's a few reasons WHY this happens.

Sometimes, it has to do with the company itself.

But, the ONE MAIN reason I see over and over is this…

People Get Stuck in Their Own Comfort Zone

Most people have a certain area they're comfortable in.

This could be a specific amount of money.

Working a specific amount of time, etc.

Because I'm always coaching top leaders and working with networkers…

I see this ONE type of behavior a lot.

This behavior is the root cause of the dip in their business.

Here's what ends up happening…

The come into the business excited and get to work.

They start working with their team and moving forward.

Then after they hit a certain level of volume…

They stop!

They feel like they made it.

They go into what I call “management mode”.

They stop personally producing and start to oversee their team.

This is the KISS of death in network marketing.

You want to do everything in your power to prevent dips in your business.

This means you have to…

Become a Leader and Develop a System for Team Building

You want to never stop working and driving people into your business.

You want to develop a system of personal production during the week.

You want to develop a system for play time…

This way you're working and playing, without it effecting your business.

This is what true leaders do.

Making the big checks in network marketing, doesn't come by sponsoring everyone.

It comes by a lot of people doing a little.

Everyone on your team working towards THEIR GOALS.

If you'd like help with becoming a leader in your business…


If you'd like help growing your existing team even bigger…

In this episode #65, It's about… “How to Regain Momentum in Your Business”.

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