Maximize your Production with a Daily Routine

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Maximize your Production with a Daily Routine

The only way to know for sure that your day is going to be productive is to have a plan and a daily routine.  Otherwise, things just “happen” as they happen.  And…that's not exactly a great recipe for success.

Doesn't it feel amazing when you finish your day and you got a TON of stuff accomplished?  Seriously…how good does it feel to wrap up your day knowing that you absolutely crushed it in the productivity arena?

Here's what I've found from being self-employed for a very long time when it comes to maximizing my daily production.  If I shoot from the hip, it never works.  If I “hope” to have a good day, it never works out so well.  If I do things “on wing and a prayer”, as nice as that phrase sounds, it never really works out to be as good as it COULD be.

Here's the thing with self-employment.  You have to be maximally productive as MUCH as you possibly can.  When it comes down to what YOU do and only what YOU do to determine whether you eat or have a roof over your head, you better get stuff done.

It's pretty easy to slack at a job and still get paid.  But, you cannot get away with that as an entrepreneur.  You will STARVE.

I'd love to see a study of employees who are actually being 100% honest in a survey about how productive they really are at their jobs.  I know so many people who screw around half their day…and they still get paid the same.  Kinda sucks for the company, don't you think?

How would you feel if you were the company owner and come to find out most of your employees put in barely any effort at all?  Probably wouldn't make you so happy.

I'm not suggesting at all that EVERYONE slacks at work…but there are many who do.

Back to entrepreneurship and YOU.  If you're going to succeed and actually live life on YOUR terms, rather than it simply being a phrase that's thrown around…you HAVE to PLAN.

The only way to maximize your daily production is by having a ROUTINE.

I crushed it today after being gone for 21 days.

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