Your Best Year Ever: What to Do with Toxic People

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I did a big training at the beginning of the year on the subject of making this year your BEST YEAR EVER.  I had a little toxic reminder in my own life a few weeks ago…figured it'd be worth posting about, since you may have some of these people in your life as well.

IF your objective is to move UP and to make this year your BEST YEAR EVER, then it's important to understand who is toxic and how to get rid of them.

Getting rid of toxic people that aren't serving you is going to help you to have your best year ever.  If you don't get rid of them, they'll pour their toxic poison all over you and you'll suffer because of it.

Here's how I do it.

#1:  If you have friends that are TOXIC, but for some reason you like that (at least in small quantities), make sure that it remains in small quantities.  I hang out with Kenny for about 45-minutes every three years.  It's more than enough.

#2:  Don't be available to them as much.  When they call, be busy.  You ARE.  You're busy hanging out with people that are NOT toxic.  It's that simple.  Oh…you don't need to say, “Hey…I'm hanging out with my non-toxic friends.”  You're just busy.

There isn't a number three.  Spend less time with them.  Spend more time with people who support you.

It's a choice.  I prefer NOT TO poison myself or my business.

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